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23 odd socks!



  • Fuller_pockets
    Just to say 23 is for wimps! Two of my children suck there socks for comfort ( clean I hasten to add) At last count we had 36 odd ones! I'd agree with the point about taking to a play group or nursery for making puppets or junk modelling. Not sure about wearing odd socks under boots what if you get knocked down by a bus!
  • Chris_in_Bridgend
    I keep a stash of odd socks at home, hoping to find a mate for them...but then again, I saw this on eBay a while ago:

    "Hi. I feel a little awkward, I’m really not the type who goes online in search of a mate. My owner talked me into it. Frankly, I think she’s tired of seeing me mope around on the dryer every day for a month now. I’ve just been really depressed since the day I lost my mate.
    Oh how I miss her. Since the day I first laid eyes on her at the factory I knew we belonged together. Then that fateful day came. I remember seeing her splashing around in the bubbles, dancing around with her friend, Ms. Thong. I searched for her in the dryer, but all that heat made me tired. A little later I found myself lying on top of the dryer all by myself.
    I don’t know what happened to her, though my owner often talks about the sock monster. She feels bad for me being so alone. This is where you might be able to help me. I’m looking for a new mate. I want to be happy again. Doesn’t everyone deserve happiness? I’m not picky. I just want a mate who I can grow old and grungy with. Someone who I can walk with and share holey times with.
    Can you help a lonely soul out? Maybe you’re in the same situation and have that perfect match for me on your dryer? Please help unite me with a mate before I become a fatal statistic and end up in the garbage can on the journey to that great mound in the ground. I’m too young to take that trip yet.
    Here is what I have to offer and what you get for saving me:
    I’m very gently used and my name is Hanes which is tattooed on my forehead
    I’m pretty young, but I have grey hair and a grey goatee
    Absolutely no holes, rips, tears. A little discolored, some pilling
    I will make your lonely sock very happy
    I’m a men’s size 9-12
    What you see in the picture of me is what you get; A sad, sad, sock.
    Thank you very much for helping a fellow out. The lucky winner will be fulfilling a young sock’s wish and providing a happy match with their poor widowed sock.
    Put me on your watch list and let’s get me on EBay Pulse so I can get more attention to help me find my mate!"

    This odd sock sold for about $3.25...
  • Mrs_Pepperpot_2
    Wear boots!

    Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet...
  • damo101
    damo101 Posts: 270 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    If you have an old tracksuit bottom you could cut on one leg, fill it with your 23 socks, sew up both ends and now you have a draught excluder you can put at the bottom of a door to stop heat escaping - not only are using your odd socks, but you're saving money by not wasting heat!!

  • miffy007
    look behind every radiator (especially at the bottom) in the house and you will probably find most of the missing socks, all warm and covered in fluff.
  • Flyer_1
    Cut off the feet of your 23 odd socks, and sow the remaining legs together. That way, U might just manage a unique scarf !!!!! ( Or even a tie !!! ) - Flyer 1.
  • johnjp
    johnjp Posts: 135 Forumite
    I have found an unusual application for odd socks. The fascia board in my house has 3" round plastic vents between each roof truss, this is to ventilate the roof void/ loft. Starlings, in an attempt to get into the loft, pecked off several vents. The plastic was too damaged to re-fix. So I got a handful of odd socks , rolled them into a ball and stuffed the holes! The starlings haven`t tried to get in since and actually seem put off by the stuffing!!!!!!!
  • PennyPinchingPrincess

    Susie Sock is Sad. Susie needs YOUR help. Here is Susie's tragic story...

    Susie and Sammy were made together on the same day in the same factory. They were together all the way through Matalan. They were so happy when they moved into their own little sock drawer together... but their happiness was not to last.

    Susie last saw her bestest friend and partner, Sammy Sock, in a hostel in Amsterdam in 2002... she hasn't seen or heard from him since. Susie hopes Sammy didn't run off with a Sexy Stocking!

    Susie has spent the last three lonely years moping round the sock drawer she'd shared so briefly with Sammy. Susie is very sad; she still misses Sammy very much.

    Can you help Susie? Maybe you stayed in Durty Nelly's on Warmoesstraat in March 2002, in the big dorm, second on the right, bottom bunk, and found Sammy!

    Or maybe you know of another lonely sock who can be Susie's friend, a sock who can help her move on... Are YOU that sock?

    You will be pleased to hear that Susie has now gone to a new home, having been sold on Ebay for a couple of quid, and is getting on with her life, Sammy free.

    Refusing to Sit Down & Shut Up since 1974 :kiss:
  • catznine
    catznine Posts: 3,192 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    Instead of buying expensive wheat bags try filling a sock (one of the 23 or all 23 if you are very cold;) ) with uncooked rice. Tie a knot in the end and heat up in the microwave. Proved very useful when my dd had her wisdom teeth out and was in a great deal of pain.
    Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.

    Jan grocery challenge £35.77/£120
  • Kat33
    Kat33 Posts: 5 Forumite
    You can send them to me! I am an artist and old socks are great for using as rags. Best ones are the thick cotton ones. If you have any cotton socks you don't want, please send to:
    Studio 44, Great Western Studios, Great Western Road, London W9 3NY

    p.s. tip: airline socks are great for dusters (but I have enough of these!)
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