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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • I_luv_cats
    I_luv_cats Posts: 14,440 Forumite
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    Gas/Elec (too dear!!!)

    Travel (too dear so rather walk where pratical)

    Council Tax (Don't get much to show for it)

    Phonecalls (0845/0844/0870/0871 etc. Why should I pay?)
  • freyasmum
    freyasmum Posts: 20,597 Forumite
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    Vat on lady products. That's right ladies, the monthly cramps are a luxury :rotfl:

    katholicos wrote: »
    10. Mobile phone contracts that are supposed to be inclusive...then they charge you for 'this' and they charge you for 'that' that you didn't have a flaming clue about when you first signed the contract...ah but all those lovely little clauses.
    That's why I like PAYG.
    [sanitary products] They're really pricey & you just put them in the bin!
    I think you're doing it wrong? :A

    sorry :o:p
  • freyasmum wrote: »

    That's why I like PAYG.

    I use PAYG too, but my DD who is a student has a terrible time with Virgin overcharging her for things that are supposed to be inclusive with her contract and it seems that no end of phone calls and emails to them achieve a satisfactory response. She still has 12 months left on her contract and it is only upposed to cost £10 a month (which is the only reason she signed up for a contract in the first place) but because the company don't appear to know there asses from their elbows DD sometimes has to pay as much as £25 a month :mad:

    It really gets her down and she can't wait to be finished with them.
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  • Gemmzie wrote: »
    Lady products and we have to pay VAT on them too! :eek:
    Google 'Mooncup' - I was highly sceptical at the start but have since become a huge fan. Have not bought any 'lady products' for over a year now and never intend to ever again. Apart from the money I'm saving, I am not polluting the rivers and seas with discarded sanitary products. Check it out, you won't regret it.
  • Parking, anywhere - if they kept the car secure I could understand paying, but they don't.

    VAT on fuel tax - tax on tax, outrageous!

    All the extra charges when you book flights, especially for paying with a certain type of card and the charge is per journey per passenger, even if it's in one transaction!

    Tips for waiters & waitresses - their employer should pay their wages out of the cost of my meal. Plenty of other hardworking service industries never get any sort of tip; why should they?
    sheppylove wrote: »
    Things i hate spending my hard earned cash on:

    Condoms (i no i could prob get them free somewhere)

    Consider yourself lucky to require them! :o
  • Credit card charges for administration e.g when you pay by cc for a flight then have to pay extra on top. Complete rip off!
  • DKLS
    DKLS Posts: 13,459 Forumite
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    Public services, as apart from a few things I get pretty much zero value for money of the taxs I have to pay, and I am yet to see the taxman sat at my desk.
  • Booking fees, especially when it's per person.
    Ticketmaster is by far the worst for this.

    However, as for the TV license, I actually think the BBC iPlayer is worth that cost alone.
  • BigMummaF
    BigMummaF Posts: 4,281 Forumite
    I really hate having to pay EXTRA for products that I have no other alternative to buy, like laundry & bath soap suitable for sensitive skin or reduced sugar for my diabetic mum. Another hatred is having 'London rates' imposed in the shops & services down here but minimum wages earned in the vast majority of jobs.
    I remember my aunt coming down from Yorkshire to visit & my parents wandered around the town with her when they came upon the Electricity Board showrooms as it was then. My aunt was shocked to see the particular model of vacuum cleaner priced a full £60 more than she had paid only two weeks earlier in her local store!
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  • TV licence

    Hospital parking

    Hospital Tv

    Supermarket parking

    Cinema food and drink high prices

    Paying to be "on hold" on the phone

    Hidden extras on flights
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