Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt

Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt

There are some things that people need, yet hate parting with their hard-earned £s for when the time comes, either because those things are boring, expensive and so on. We want to know what MoneySavers rue opening their wallets for the most.

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  • kavics17
    kavics17 Posts: 2,235 Forumite
    Public transport, just can't justify the money on it-I'm using my bike instead!
  • Car repairs..(booked into garage tomorrow morning for an "estimate" :(
    Road tax due in a couple of days too,
    a car for me is a necessary evil.
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  • babyshoes
    babyshoes Posts: 1,771
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    Anything I don't have a choice about - council tax, road tax etc etc. Got around TV licence by not having a TV and just using catch up services online for anything I want to watch.
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  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698
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    Definitely water rates and council tax here robbery at it's best!
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  • Butterfly_Brain
    Butterfly_Brain Posts: 8,862
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    Council Tax, water rates, road tax, MOT and TV licence
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  • angelavdavis
    angelavdavis Posts: 4,714
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    As well agreeing with the other posters on the TV licence, water and council tax, my other pet hate is Electric/gas.

    Last summer, I replaced 14 radiators in my house - replacing the old rusted ones for more efficient models sometimes relocated them to a better location. My winter quarter bill (even with the terrible weather last winter) was £120 less than the previous year so is paying for itself nicely.

    I shop around constantly for the best deals but truth is that although our usage has gone down, sadly, overall, it can't compete with the price hikes and we are still steadily spending more year on year. Very frustrating.
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • Deffo car repairs..just parted with £810.:eek:

    ;) Felines are my favourite ;)
  • anything that i have no choice but to pay, council tax, car repair/tax/mot,

    tho i did begrudge buying new sofas just because OH broke one when we moved!!!
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  • Gemmzie
    Gemmzie Posts: 14,876 Forumite
    Lady products and we have to pay VAT on them too! :eek:
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  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Posts: 11,125
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    I grudge paying the water rates: I could not understand why Welsh water rates cost so much more than the London water rates when we moved back!
    Tinfoil, greaseproof paper etc - I re-use what I can & try to make the rolls last, but still have to give in sooner or later.

    Edit: Another vote for 'lady products' & boo to the VAT slapped on top!
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