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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • anguk
    anguk Posts: 3,412 Forumite
    edited 29 September 2010 at 8:51AM
    Apart from the usual tax/water rates etc. my 3 biggest bugbears are:

    Sanitary products, it's bad enough we have to buy them but paying tax on them is ridiculous, no way are they a luxury item.
    Hospital parking fees, my OH goes for dialysis 3 times a week and if he's not "lucky" enough to get one of the few disabled bays he has to pay £4 parking each time. And when he was seriously ill in intensive care I had to pay £4.50 each day to park at the hospital, that's if I could manage to get a parking space. :mad: (anyone who has the misfortune to visit Sunderland Royal will know what I mean about finding a parking space).
    TV in hospital, paying the extortionate Hospedia prices to watch TV in hospitals.

    Last time my OH was in hospital we worked it out that it cost us £10 per day by the time I'd paid for petrol, parking and telly.
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  • uniform! I go to a charity shop and find trousers (usually a fiver, top brands and brand new condition) and £1.50 shirts from primark.
  • have the contraceptive injection! the government pay, and no periods!
  • contraceptive injection didn't agree with me and made my periods more regular!
  • wba31
    wba31 Posts: 2,189 Forumite
    Car insurance - prices have shot up this year, apparently because so many people are driving uninisured? so i guess im penalised for being on the correct side of the law... and if they want more people to buy insurance, surely they should reduce the excessive charges? does anywhere else in the world charge as much as British insurance companies?
    bus fares, £1.70 in Birmingham, to me it is not a fair price when buses are late (if they ever turn up) and routes keep changing.
    Paying for glasses! and so much, £200 my last visit for checks and specs! it's not my fault my eyes are faulty...
  • wba31
    wba31 Posts: 2,189 Forumite
    Although im lucky enough to have a mechanic as a father, so with trade discount on parts and MOT's for £15 I'm very lucky with that...
  • Triker
    Triker Posts: 7,247 Forumite
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    Prescription charges.

    Car charges.

    The tax office, why do I have to pay more tax on my mileage when I already pay tax at the pump, its not a luxury and I cannot decide not to drive places for work because I'm allegedly over some 'allowance'? :mad:

    The damage the scrotes have caused to my car, that's alright, smash the windows, I've got a spare £50 and half a day to sort your damage out.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  • It has to be:

    Council Tax
    Car Parks - especially hospital
    Car Tax - Have they seen the state of the roads?
    TV Licence - Let them fund themselves
    Huge interest rates
    Water - South West Water highest in country!!
    Extortionate petrol rates

    In general i do not like to pay for things i see no return on, if i took out the must pays above, ie council tax, tv licence, and silly water rates i would be able to live so comfortably and not have to worry about a thing! The fact that such a huge chunk of my wages goes on tax and then goes onto other taxes is just unbelievable.

    Sooner i emigrate the better :jthank you governments past and present.
  • TV licence is my pet hate as is have to pay for parking in the city centres / shopping centres?
    I pay £19 for SKY package and get 300+ channells- while paying £12 for a handfull of chanells???
    If it wasn't compulsory NOBODY would pay this overprice fee- get a gripp BBC and start to show adds like the rest of the channells and stop using my money for producing crap...
    Oh, and don't start me on road tax.... what a rip off!
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  • motherkitty
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    Car parking in hospitals

    The £7.20 per item prescription charge for those of us living in England

    Bus fares to get my son to school - kids that go to his school and live in an area that comes under a different council get a ticket that costs £50 to use on all buses all year. It costs me more than that for just one month!

    TV licence fee - the BBC generates plenty of revenue through their satellite channels that are jam packed with adverts, why should we still be paying up?

    Over-inflated petrol/diesel prices - paying tax on tax?!
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