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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • ThinkingOfLinking
    Council tax
    Income tax
    Eye tests and glasses
    Work clothes
    Sanitary items
    Ink for the printer
    TV License
    Service charges for booking tickets
    P&P charges
    Taxes such as for airports and hotels
  • John_Pierpoint
    Gemmzie wrote: »
    Lady products and we have to pay VAT on them too! :eek:

    Only 5% - I bet my razor blades are 17.6% going on 20%
  • Amys85
    Amys85 Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited 29 September 2010 at 11:35AM
    I echo the gruble about Student loans - Due to some mess up where they didn't start taking payments for 1 yr after I left uni and the stupid interest - I now owe the same amount as I borrowed! - even though I've been paying every month for 4 years! Rubbish

    And Dentists definitely wind me up - when I was a student my teeth were perfect, never even needed a scale and polish! Miraculously since leaving full time education I now need a clean EVERY 6 months and £100 dental work!
    Hmmmm Rip off!!
  • I hate it when you agree a price for a job and then AFTERWARDS they say "PLUS VAT"!
  • building_with_lego
    Can I suggest a mooncup? I think mine is brilliant, asked for it as a xmas present from mil a couple of years ago & have not paid for any such lady products since :)

    Another great thing about the Mooncup is that if, after using it for three cycles you still don't like it, they'll refund you your money. So the VERY worst thing that can happen is that you've saved three periods' worth of tampons/pads etc. And the best thing is that you won't buy any more for a decade or more... :T
    They call me Dr Worm... I'm interested in things; I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. :grin:
  • persian_star
    What really bugs me are paying for things that are essentials (ladies products has already been mentioned lots, as has hospital car-parking - I would add exhorbitant dentist's fees and lenses in glasses, plus prescriptions - I get my pill for free, but have to pay £7.20 for my asthma inhaler, which is more likely to save my life? Crazy) - it's not like anyone would do these things for fun, and to add insult to injury, they charge you.

    I also agree with student fees. I was the last year to go to university without having to pay them (started 1997) for which I will be eternally grateful as I struggle enough without that particular millstone! My husband is american, and despite having a good brain and excellent grades, there was simply no way his family could afford to send him. So when it comes to further education, the Labour government elected in 1997 followed capitalist america and penalised the poor by putting a huge stumbling block in the way of learning. I find this quite disgusting.

    I don't mind paying tax to make sure health and education are available to everyone, what saddens me is that they're quite obviously not.
  • LameWolf
    LameWolf Posts: 11,235 Forumite
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    Council tax - I really don't feel we get value for money.

    TV license - there's so rarely anything worth the bother of watching; sadly Mr LW can't be persuaded to part with the TV.:(

    Hospital parking charges - luckily for me, Blue Badge holders park free (at the moment!) at our local hossy, but honestly, for non-BB holders, it's a tax on being ill!:mad:

    Prescription charges - similarly, a tax on being ill.

    Clothes - I HATE, HATE, HATE clothes shopping with a passion, and always have a minor heart attack when I see the price of clothes. Even charity shops seem to be hiking the prices.

    VAT. On anything. And I feel that hiking it to 20%, as they're going to, is just taking the p!ss.

    Oh alright, I admit it, I just don't like parting with money.:D
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  • starsandmoon
    The Mersey Tunnel. My family live on the Wirral so I have to use this weekly. They often have one side shut causing horrendous congestion, its filthy, not lit properly and often the fans are not on so full of fumes too. I have a Fast Tag which is a prepay type elctronic gadget and you save 15p a journey (plus saves you rummaging for money). I think there should be a Fast Tag lane as its supposed to be a way of using the tunnel faster but no, you are often stuck behind someone looking for small change as they didnt have enough or whatever. £1.40 each way this costs. The only other way for me to go is over the Rucorn Bridge which has its own issues and would cost more in petrol!
    I have every possession I want. I have a lot of friends who have a lot more possessions. But in some cases I feel the possessions possess them, rather than the other way round
  • merlin069 wrote: »
    Booking fees, especially when it's per person.
    Ticketmaster is by far the worst for this.

    However, as for the TV license, I actually think the BBC iPlayer is worth that cost alone.

    I think booking fees are a rip off. How can you go and see the show if you DON'T book? On top of that are the extortionate charges for drinks, sweets and ice creams once you get there. They make sure you can't take food or drink in with you, then charge £2.50 for a little bit of ice cream in a tub. Went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Palace in Manchester (named and shamed) in April and the family next to us were charge TEN QUID for four ice creams!!!!
  • Tete_en_l'Air
    I agree with those on here about the price of sanitary products, but then I do buy the more expensive brands because they're nicer to use so I'm not helping myself. Anyone suggesting a Mooncup - surely they're no good for anyone who ever uses communal toilets either at work or elsewhere?

    I don't mind paying road tax, council tax, TV licence - I get use from all of those things and don't mind at all. I don't even mind paying for my prescriptions if it means I can have free emergency treatment on the NHS if I should ever need it. It does however annoy me that I have to fork out £100s for glasses when I can't help my poor eyesight, whilst fat people get free gastric bands and smokers get anti-smoking aids thrown at them by the bucketful.
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