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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • bexta
    bexta Posts: 753 Forumite
    TV licence, especially when you consider the carp they show.

    Resident's parking permit, only to have most of the street filled up with non-resident's vehicles.

    Insurance of any sort, as it's such a pita if you ever need to make a claim or your circumstances change.

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  • Council tax! we dont get value for money whatsoever. and Water rates.
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    p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } I hate having additional charges being made for using a credit card.

    I understand it's illegal elsewhere in Europe, why can't it be outlawed here?

    We seem to be suckers in the UK for any bright idea the bean counters can think up. Overheads are one of the factors which should be built into the price of all goods and services. This makes it clear to the consumer what he needs to pay and applies pressure to the seller to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Beccatje
    cocoloco wrote: »
    Oh, and don't start me on road tax.... what a rip off!

    Try Dutch road tax....

    Ours has been hiked up considerably to 'cover' for the newly sold environmently friendly hybrids who are now tax free.... So us normal folks who can't afford to buy a brand new 'friendly' car get to pay out LOADS more so the rich who can buy a new car get to drive for practically nothing...

    Road tax in Holand is rediculous anyway.. it's over 100 euro's a month for our car! (so that's about 85 GBP!)
  • Oldbiggles
    Tips… It’s not because I’m mean it’s because I never know how much to tip.

    As for paying to park in towns…. People go to town to buy something. This gives the stores business, therefore it’s in the various shops and stores interest to encourage people into the shopping area. No new shops should be allowed to be built unless they provide adequate parking for their staff and customers. Town shopping centres keep bellyaching about out of town shopping centres taking their business but they just won’t bite the bullet and provide more free parking.
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  • jackdaw
    jackdaw Posts: 40 Forumite
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    edited 29 September 2010 at 12:38PM
    -Driving licence 'photo renewal' (very expensive, ridiculous and I don't drive but want to keep my licence just in case, so I had to pay it).

    -High passport and visa costs.

    -Phone line (I don't use my phone but need internet and am not in a cable area).


    -Meals in restaurants.

    -Rent and service charges, which are suspiciously high. I wish I could have a mortgage instead.


    -Dentists, especially not being able to get a NHS dentist.

    -Rip-off bank charges.

    -P&P charges or VAT that isn't included in the price.

    -Having to pay extra to buy flights that is not included in the price or stated clearly upfront.

    -Rip-off train fares.

    -Rip-off savings rates that are way below inflation and do not clearly state what the rate is on my statements.

    -Expensive printer ink cartridges
  • building_with_lego
    I agree with those on here about the price of sanitary products, but then I do buy the more expensive brands because they're nicer to use so I'm not helping myself. Anyone suggesting a Mooncup - surely they're no good for anyone who ever uses communal toilets either at work or elsewhere?

    You don't HAVE to wash it every time- a quick wipe round with loo roll is fine. Plus it's likely that you wouldn't have to empty it very often- twice or maybe three times per day seems to be fairly normal among users I know- so you may not even need to do it at work.
    Still worth a whirl- see post #86 about the refund!
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  • janb5
    janb5 Posts: 2,625 Forumite
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    I_luv_cats wrote: »
    Gas/Elec (too dear!!!)

    Phonecalls (0845/0844/0870/0871 etc. Why should I pay?)

    Try typing the service you want and tel number into

    I`ve used this loads in the last year as I pay extra for these numbers on Virgin and in most case I`ve found a geographical substitute. HTH
  • jackieglasgow
    Having to pay silly amounts to telephone companies and/or organisations to whom I am already paying a fee to receive a service. EG paying TV licence fee, calling DVLA, Tax Credits etc. I now use saynoto0870 but I think these companies and organisations have a bloomin' cheek having charges which mean you are paying extra for them to provide you with a service which they should be providing in the first place, to make them competitive. I know some of you down south even have doctor's surgeries with these numbers. That's criminal in my book!
    mardatha wrote: »
    It's what is inside your head that matters in life - not what's outside your window :D
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  • joehoover
    julie777 wrote: »
    sheppylove wrote: »
    Hmmm list of things i hate spending my hard earned cash on:

    Work clothes and shoes
    Car bits
    Expensive fuel
    Condoms (i no i could prob get them free somewhere)

    I'm sure you can - I can't remember the PC new name for family planning clinics ( could be sexual health ) but your GP should be able to tell you where there is one. They will deal with any problems, give advice, but mostly hand out free condoms (I get 10 per month) and it isn't means-tested. Worth looking into ;)

    Pop into your local gay bar, most have a free condoms near the bar or with their magazines
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