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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • Mickey mouse courses and certifications for work, particulalry vacation for dead end / temp work.
    Institution fees (the networking, career support etc benefits of membership highlighted in their flyers were nowhere to be found when needed)
    0845 numbers from my mobile (where geographical numbers aren't known)
    Bail out of the banks stupid enough to lend to those hocked up past their eyeballs.
    Bloated HM Civil Service and public sector.
    Passport and driving licence.
    Council tax (when so much of the money is going to the lazy and selfish)
    Private dentists that aren't proper private dentists.
    Line rental charge on fixed line. i must have paid for the local loop infrastructure and maintenance they are not doing many times over (BT: Your telegraph pole is rotten and away to fall over BTW).
    £4 for a drink in a London party
    The price of a day bus ticket when I could travel for about the same in London, wait less time, get there quicker and at least have somewhere interesting to go.
    Packing boxes for moving home.
    Recruitment agents that want me to pop in and see them (half day out of my schedule and fares).
  • Gemmzie wrote: »
    Lady products and we have to pay VAT on them too! :eek:

    Can I suggest a mooncup? I think mine is brilliant, asked for it as a xmas present from mil a couple of years ago & have not paid for any such lady products since :)
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  • Chemicals and toxins in food and care products that I didn't ask them to put in!

    I hate spending money on products that are known to be toxic and unhealthy but are difficult to get around. Can't afford to eat organic and even if I could, there is no saying that labels are trustworthy.
  • Inflation.
    "Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves." - Norm Franz
  • salex
    salex Posts: 17 Forumite
    Insurance - The whole system is rigged against you

    Council Tax - because the basis of payment (ie house value) bears no relation to the Services the council provide or those which you have access to

    Company Indemnity: Payments made to insure companies profit before they will supply services to you, eg mortgage indemnity

    Financial Services: with up front commissions, you can be paying for years and all the cash goes in fees
  • Tv licence-already paying for digital
    tampons-the whole thing just not fair on us women!
    council tax-I could go on and on moanin about this one
    school trips-they seem to get more frequent and more expensive
  • DianneB
    DianneB Posts: 884 Forumite
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    Another vote here for hospital parking fees!! My current rage is against Dentists and Opticians, I know I need both but this month (and next) will be very tight due to my new glasses and my daughters dental treatment (don't ask, I didn't realise our practise had gone totally private till they asked me for £32 for her filling!!!), now trying to find a NHS dentist in my area.
    Slightly bitter
  • Council tax and stipidly high car parking in town.
    Best wins ever:
    2012: Holiday to LA for 2 adults +2 kids for 4 days
    2013: £2 000 Virgin Holiday Voucher!
    2014: $1000 spending money for hols
    2015: 8 night holiday to Thailand
  • i dont like spending money on stationary when i can 'borrow' a pen from work... i begrudge paying money out on expensive food, because when i was a student bread was 19p (the value stuff) now its 45p -50p and expensive clothes, i would rather buy them in new look / primark

    sheppylove wrote: »
    Hmmm list of things i hate spending my hard earned cash on:

    Work clothes and shoes
    Car bits
    Expensive fuel
    Condoms (i no i could prob get them free somewhere)
    food shopping
    washing powder and fab con
    Hair cuts

    but to be fair i do spend more than i should on other stuff that i like buying but prob dont use very often, so i shouldnt complain!! lol:D
  • Clothes for work, I hate working there so I tend to be the worst dressed person there. There's no way I'd spend a decent amount on shirts so pick up the cheapest ones I can get, I also desperately need a new pair of shoes as I can feel the floor thorugh my current work paid. The wife tried to buy me some for £40 from Next! Forty quid! No chance, gonna hit the Shoe Zone sale.

    I don't mind paying bills when I know I have to, car repairs are essential. You'd be the first to moan if it dies miles from anywhere or crumpled in an accident, or the brakes failed or something. I do disagree with the TV license on principal, given that I already pay Sky for the privilege., Never watch BBC and barely even watch telly. Generally I only play the Xbox on ours.
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