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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • Also insurance - car/house/life etc. I know they may be useful one day but for now they're just draining my bank account.
    Must get organised and rejoin grocery challenge!
  • laloopi wrote: »
    I resent having to pay to park at the hospital. We had to go quite frequently when I was pregnant and at £3 a time it soon adds up! It's not even as if I could have walked there instead :-(.

    I resent paying for parking at all, but at a hospital is one of my absolute pet hates. I booked an appointment to give blood and then found out that I was expected to pay for the parking, so cancelled the appointment because I wasn't going to pay for the privilege of taking at least an hour out of my life to sit in a queue to have a needle stuck in my arm. (I did find somewhere else to go though, a month later.)

    My husband did a car maintenance course over a few months and it has paid for itself many, many times over. He does all our servicing and repairs, the only times our cars go to a garage is for an MOT. It seems that car stuff is high on most people's list of stuff they begrudge paying for so I'd definitely recommend looking at your local college's prospectus to see if they have something similar.
  • tankgirl1
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    'Lady Products' - It really annoys me that we girls not only have to pay for them on a regular basis, but have to pay VAT on them too!
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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  • 1. TV Licence
    2. Car Tax
    3. Water
    4. Parking at supermarket/hospital/university/Library
    5. Sanitary Products which are essential for all menstruating women
    6. Shipping fees incurred for orders placed online
    7. Toll Roads
    8. The extortionate prices of snack food and drinks at the cinema or at any entertainment type complex
    9. Bank charges...excessive and scandalous bank charges
    10. Mobile phone contracts that are supposed to be inclusive...then they charge you for 'this' and they charge you for 'that' that you didn't have a flaming clue about when you first signed the contract...ah but all those lovely little clauses.
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  • tankgirl1
    tankgirl1 Posts: 4,252 Forumite
    Oh yeah - and hospital car parking! Last time I visited the hospital the parking bays were incredibly narrow, and flanked by steel(?) poles, which made it REALLY difficult to park....and I am expected to pay £3 for the priveledge! Not only that but I want / need to visit my poorly relatives - hey I know, lets stick an extortionate parking fee on the NHS funded hospital's car park!
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

    RIP POOCH 5/09/94 - 17/09/07
  • Insurance - cars and home. It never seems to go down from year to year despite never claiming and doing the shop-arounds. Takes ages to do all the comparing too.
  • Parking. I have been known to drive around for hours looking for a 'free' space on the street only to realise i've probably spent as much in petrol and got frustrated to boot!:mad:
  • Stamps! It only costs a few tens of pence for a stamp, but when you go to buy a book of the things, its a fiver gone!
  • Coffee!
    Why do cafes, restaurants, snack bars etc; charge such exorbitant prices for something which is not excellent & we all pay up without question without even getting a free refill? It's one of the biggest rip-offs around!
  • Tampons, razors, etc
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