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Great 'What do you hate spending money on the most?' Hunt



  • v8monkeyboy
    Christmas presents for people who earn more and have more than we do, who want pointless expensive gadgets or trinkets, and who won't appreciate the effort we have gone to for them.

    So we stopped it, and now they get homemade things :D
  • Paulie'sGirl
    TV "tax"
    Car tax (our roads are appalling!)
    Toll roads (given that I've already paid car tax for them)
    Hospital parking - I have regular appointments at my local hospital, and it costs a fortune
    VAT on sanitary items - how are they a luxury??!
    Charges for the council to collect rubbish. Don't we pay enough council tax as it is?

    On a lighter note: Wine!!
  • julie777
    sheppylove wrote: »
    Hmmm list of things i hate spending my hard earned cash on:

    Work clothes and shoes
    Car bits
    Expensive fuel
    Condoms (i no i could prob get them free somewhere)

    I'm sure you can - I can't remember the PC new name for family planning clinics ( could be sexual health ) but your GP should be able to tell you where there is one. They will deal with any problems, give advice, but mostly hand out free condoms (I get 10 per month) and it isn't means-tested. Worth looking into ;)
  • Parking - at hospitals and to do my shopping. I don't shop where I have to pay to park.
    Prescriptions - a couple of items and you need a mortgage!
    The dentist - even NHS charges soon add up.
    Eye tests and glasses - why are varifocals so expensive? I don't have my eyes tested as often as I should.
    The cost of a passport. I'll stay at home.
    "Arrangement" fees, "Setting up" fees, charges for paying things off early (shouldn't that be a discount?).
  • julie777
    My pet hate - LOO ROLLS, it's just money down the drain!
  • bluebag
    bluebag Posts: 2,450 Forumite
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    Taxes for bailing out chuffin' banks wot messed up.
  • HeidiHi
    I don't really mind paying for any of those things. I don't mind paying for things that benefit other people as well as myself, it's just part of living in our society. I hate feeling as if I'm being ripped off though, good value is important to me.
  • Sharon87
    Sharon87 Posts: 4,011 Forumite
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    julie777 wrote: »
    My pet hate - LOO ROLLS, it's just money down the drain!

    Bin bags as well. Why pay for something that goes straight into the bin. I use shopping bags for small bins, but need the liners for the bigger ones.

    Anything health related - prescriptions, dentist, glasses - well I don't mind paying for the frame, but the lenses are expensive!

    I don't mind paying TV license though - better value than if you had the option to just pay for Sky!
  • jenniewb
    jenniewb Posts: 12,836 Forumite
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    I have a list! I think I hate paying out for anything actually but here is the top ten (Excuding the obvious tax and etc which I think everyone resents paying but somehow can see the logic in it):

    1. Tampons/panti-liners.
    2. Pain killers (always get the cheapest and yet such a minimal difference to how I feel!)
    3. SPF lotion. HATE buying this HATE wearing this HATE having to gouge it off with a scourer every night!
    4. Loo roll.
    5. Phone bill. Because I don't use the phone yet still have a bill? (free internet though)
    6. Mobile phone bill: because I tried to cancel and 3- Tricked me into an 18 month contract, saying they'd take the full amount from my account if I sent back the wrong phone delivery they sent me. I never even use the thing!
    7. Clothes and especially shoes/boots. I love wearing them, love shopping for them. I just hate handing over the money as they are so expensive!
    8. Moisturiser. Being that most types give me spots its either the very natural & expensive types or the cheap stuff which has me at risk of painful spots by the end of the week. It annoys me things I need cost so much!
    9. Gifts for my neice. Never appreciated. She didn't get a birthday present this year.
    10. Fresh fruit from service stations. Never fresh, always bruised and always with a fluffy texture. They also cost way too much. I resent being caught with this being my only option for food.
  • They're really pricey & you just put them in the bin!
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