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A & L migration to Santander



  • flyingscotno1
    flyingscotno1 Posts: 1,679 Forumite
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    Hi Simon,

    I think that you should express your displeasure by moving banks!

    Can I suggest two alternative banks you may wish to move to:-

    I had a smile account and found the service to be first class.

    I only recently moved to First Direct to take advantage of the free £100 that they were offering, however I have found First Direct to be equally as good from a customer services point of view.

    Best of luck!

    First Direct aren't as useful in Scotland due to very limited number of HSBC branches- 5 I think. The old joke in the banking profession was the nearest HSBC bank was Carlisle.
  • Simongw
    Simongw Posts: 59 Forumite
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    At last I have had a personalised and "proper letter" of apology from A & L Customer Services.
    Much of it is platitudes but they have "arranged to credit (my) account with £25 as a gesture of good will in recognition of (inconvenience and frustration)." So- I am worth a quarter of the value of a new customer, who they are trying to tempt in with £100...Still, at least they made an effort. :T

    However, the letter also says, "When investigating your complaint I can see that you have two active Customer Identification Numbers". Really? This is news to me. Hey ho.....
  • WideWall
    WideWall Posts: 27 Forumite
    edited 14 July 2010 at 9:08PM
    Hi All............... I have now been without FULL access for 2 1/2 weeks and after many phone calls and innumerable apologies from the staff of A/L/Santander I am still being told that they are working on the problem !!!
    I pointed out to them that Santander knew they were going to have to shift all the A/L accounts so why was the whole plan not trialled/tested well in advance of the migration so as to note all the glitches that might arise.
    I think that if they can't sort out these problems ( they have had well over 2 weeks now to do so ) then my trust and loyalty to them as a customer has now been utterly destroyed and I will be leaving them for pastures new.
    I live in the N.W. Highlands of Scotland and my nearest A/L bank branch takes over a 90 miles round trip - so hence my reason for needing online banking service AT ALL TIMES.

    Have just logged in to bank at 8.30pm and NO change - doesn't surprise me.!!

    WideWall :eek:
  • WideWall
    WideWall Posts: 27 Forumite
    edited 17 July 2010 at 9:21PM
    Just reporting that one of my savings accounts is still not available. This is the one linked to the current account which is available.
    My question is why if they are linked can they not show the balances for both accounts ?

    Santander has made a real clarty mess of things and I think I will definitely be moving my accounts when it is all finalised.

    I just wonder how many customers they are going to lose over this ?
    I have been with this bank from way back when is was the old Girobank and never had this trouble before in about 40 years. Anyone know of any really good banks with good customer care or even where the customer comes first and NOT last as with Santander.

    Wide Wall :mad: very
  • DizzleUK
    DizzleUK Posts: 569 Forumite
    My accounts are currently showing some info as "unavailable" (mainly the overdraft limits on the accounts). Nothing major, just another minor annoyance.
    Remember this: nothing worth doing is easy.

  • bungalow_bill
    OMG!!! 7 days without access via internet. 2.5 hours on hold yesterday (fortunatley from work) to get absolutely nowhere. I did end up speaking to a person at one point but as soon as I said my account was locked he said I'll just transfer you...My nooooooooo was lost in the pathetic music and annoying voice repeatedly apologising for another 35mins.

    Spoke to their switchboard who was equally useless and simply transferred me back into their queue.

    Have several payments that needed to be made by today. Will now have to talk nicely to Nationwide about using overdraft for a couple of days. At least I can then hit the 'transfer my account' button and the dark days of A&L will be over :(
  • cbrpaul
    cbrpaul Posts: 756 Forumite
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    I must say its not good that some have been unable to access their online bank accounts !!

    I was wondering , how do you know when/if you have been migrated ?

    I still logon to the same A+L website and all apears as it always has been since I joined A+L in April 09 ,

    I had to open a bank account with them as part of their terms of accepting their 3.99% 5 year fix mortage !!

    So should I expect something to happen to my online account soon ? :o
  • csnann
    csnann Posts: 468 Forumite
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    I found out that I had been migrated when I logged on and saw a message onscreen. They didn't contact me before they did it.
  • simonjester
    I've now been without internet access and telephone access for almost 4 weeks. I live in Greece and need internet banking badly. After many costly phone calls I've only received bland assurances that the problem will be solved in "about a week".

    Luckily I'm going to the UK for 2 weeks and am almost certainly going to change my bank account. They don't seem to care and the e-letter they sent about the migration is a mockery. I've already sent two emails and had no reply.

    Fed up
  • cbrpaul
    cbrpaul Posts: 756 Forumite
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    thing is i got to stay with them for another 4 years !!!!

    so i cant move away if they mess my account up :o
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