Tesco worked told me to F-OFF!!!!

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
I honestly cannot believe what happened to me tonight. I finished my grocery shopping at Tesco around midnight (work shifts) and pulled into their petrol station. I put my card into the fuel pump and started getting fuel but after about a pounds worth the pump seemed the run empty and no more fuel would come out. I moved to the next pump down and placed my card in the machine but got an error code so went up to the cabin desk. A middle aged female employee seemed to be cashing up (her shift obviously ends at midnight) and i explained wht had happened. She said that a card can only be used once a day to prevent fraud (fair enough) but i explained that its the only card i had on me so what could i do as my car was almost completely empty. She said there was nothing she could do (actually why couldnt she have taken a card payment in the cabin) and after getting nowhere asked if could speak to her manager. She said "F-Off, i havent got time for this", closed the communication window and turned her back on me and continued cashing. I was totally FURIOUS and just stood there tapping on the window shouting 'GET ME A MANAGER NOW'. After two mins of ignoring me at point blank range she went "Go to the store if you want a manager" so despite being knackered drove back to the store and explained all to the night manager person who has took my details. I wouldnt mind but up to the point of her swearing and turning her back on me i had been really polite and understanding!! Amazing!


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