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  • wendy_ann1983
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    remember a bar I used to visit did Creme Egg vodka for easter
  • Mariel
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    I have got 5 bottles of cheap vodka and 5 family bags of skittles coming with my online shop tomorrow. My question is - how long does it keep? I want it for Christmas and I don't know if I am supposed to actually make it tomorrow or in a couple of weeks. I'm kicking myself for forgetting an extra bottle of vodka and some Werthers Originals now.
  • Seakay
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    It'll keep for months if not years - the flavourings will not dilute the alcohol enough to alter it's keeping qualities.
  • Mariel
    Mariel Forumite Posts: 624
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    Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear. My next challenge is to make it last until Xmas!
  • powerbase
    powerbase Forumite Posts: 157 Forumite
    Back in the living in a shared student house days we made skittles vodka. I think we did it near the time of one of our parties (day before). I didn't personally make it but from what I remember the skittles partially dissolved making th vodka go all murky and not very appealing. Is that supposed to happen? It did not look good. Did we not leave it in long enough for the murkiness to go? We served the vodka once everyone has enough of other things not to notice anything up with it.

    It's all a bit hazy.
  • mrs_baggins
    mrs_baggins Forumite Posts: 1,290
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    I think it goes all murky if you use all the different colours at once. I made some not long ago with the red and purple ones together and its as clear as a whistle now i have strained it! The fudge vodka i made isnt good however- i should have stuck to toffee but just hapen to have had some fudge but now its made it keeps seperating-guess its because the fudge was made with cream. oh well live and learn
  • organic_wanabe
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    I have been given a jar of this as a gift. I have no idea what to use it for. As the only other ingredient is sugar I thought maybe some type of desert. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Snaggles
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    You could make homemade cranberry sauce - cook the cranberries in a bit of water (just enough so they don't catch on the bottom of the pan), they will sort of 'pop' as their skins split and it will turn into a sort of mush, add the sugar to taste (you might need quite a lot, they can be very bitter), then I add a splash of port or sherry (but you could try it with the vodka instead?). It lasts for a good few days in the fridge, but it will also freeze. Tastes lovely with turkey, but also nice with cheeses, especially brie, camembert, wensleydale...etc. My son also likes it on ice cream! :)
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  • Toxic_Lemon
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    The other day, I had a cranberry alternative to Christmas pudding. It was absolutely heavenly. Everyone loved it. It didn't sound as if it was my sort of thing, but I was so wrong. Here's the recipe link:

    Cranberry torte with hot toffee brandy sauce
  • MrsTinks
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    Do you mean canberries ina kinda of cranberry liqueur? If so then keep turning it for a month or so and then strain out the cranberries and drink the liqueur :) It's a very traditional russian home made liqueur and it's delishious :)
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