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    If the cranberries are all sludgy wouldn't it be a sort of relish to eat with cold turkey ? but if cranberries all floating about in vodka I'd use it as a sauce for icecream, or maybe put dollops of it in with the mincemeat for mince pies, or just eat it with a spoon, alone in the kitchen when a bit down perhaps. Tut tut, ignore the last suggestion. Sounds nice though !
  • jennybb
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    Hi there

    I have started to make flavoured gin and vodka for christmas pressies. Does anyone know where I can get some nice, but not too expensive bottles (max 500ml). The best I have seen are


    The £10 small order charge is a bit offputting.

    Thanks in advance

  • Plum_Pie
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    Gawd, I trawled round dozens of cookshops and poundshops looking last autumn. I ended up buy a few fancy bottles of fruit juice, decanting the juice, cleaning the bottle and making my own labels.

    It was cheaper than any empty bottles I saw on sale!
  • dannahaz
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    Lakeland do some, but they might be too expensive http://www.lakeland.co.uk/product.aspx/!11087_11086
  • thriftmonster
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    I just reuse the screw top bottles that the value gin etc came in to start with - the labels soak off quite easily. If you want something smaller, the value ketchup bottles are glass and scrub up quite well - although the lids aren't quite right for spirits!!!
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  • Ikea sell bottles for 99p and they are nice. Have a 'grolsh' type top if you know what I mean.
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    when my dh made wine he used to go to the local hotel for empty wine bottles

    you can buy corks or screwtop lids in your winemaking shop
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    Thanks for your replies - I've looked at most of these options. Lakeland ones cost more than I want to pay. I am normally into recycling jars for chutney/ jam etc and put a pretty top on it if it's a gift - but as mentioned, not sure that sauce bottles would look quite right for spirits. I read somewhere that it might be worth trying a restuarant for empty 1/2 wine bottles. Personally, I've not seen a half bottle of wine (well it wouldn't go far, would it?;) ) but the size would be about right.

    I saw a stall at a local food fair that did flavoured gin and the little bottles just looked really pretty. Perhaps I should stop being such a tightar*e and buy the ones I saw before :rolleyes:
  • not sure if this has been asked before but hope someone can help..
    I made some sloe gin last year but forgot about it...:o still got the sloes in it, will it be okay to drink still? do i just strain it then guzzle it???

    also i've heard about blackberry vodka, is the theory in making this the same as sloe gin??? would i have to add sugar?? how long do you leave the berries in the vodka??
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  • I made blackberry vodka last year (and raspberry whisky). My rule is 1lb sugar, 2lb, fruit and 3 months. Then i bottled it. Went down very well.
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