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    not sure if this has been asked before but hope someone can help..
    I made some sloe gin last year but forgot about it...:o still got the sloes in it, will it be okay to drink still? do i just strain it then guzzle it???

    It will be fine just to strain it off now. Whether you guzzle it now or leave it longer to mature is up to you. We usually leave ours a couple of years though.
  • Came across a site with recipes for schnapps and liqueurs. Anyone know the best price for vodka at the moment?

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    aldi own make or tesco value
  • voodoozoe
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    I have 2 x bottles of raspberry vodka "brewing" and its about time to strain and put sugar in. I wondered if there was anything I could do with the bits of fruit. I don't want to just eat them as raspberries have all those seeds in them:eek: but I thought if I strained the vodka then pushed the fruit through the sieve into another container I might have some pulp I could do something with.

    Any suggestions???
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    You could make the pulp into a jelly..not for the kids though :eek:
    Or, into a sauce for ice cream...yum
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    You can put the raspberries into an ice cube tray, a couple in each section then pour over melted chocolate and put in the fridge to set. I wouldnt worry about the seeds but thats what I'm planning to do with my sloes when they come out of the gin.
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    Novice questions - do you just put raspberries in a bottle and pour over vodka to make raspberry vodka - and do you need to use good vodka, and how long do you brew it for :confused:. I'd really like to make thisand use as pressies at Chrimbo - would have to make a tester bottle for Quality COntrol of course <ahem> :p
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    I'm no expert and there are a few threads on here about it but I've got a couple of links for you to check out...HERE...and HERE.

    I am using the cheapest stuff I can find as its getting a load of sugar and stuff put into it so I can't see the point in using good quality. I only ever use the cheapest whisky for my Baileys too and thats always good.

    I think this weekend I'll be making myself some boozy raspberry sauce!!!!!:eek:
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    found this on the good housekeeping site

  • thriftlady_2
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    yum ;) I like the sound of that and really easy too :T
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