FREE Tesco Clubcard points for turning GREEN !!!!!



  • SwissToni_2
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    I wonder how long before the carbon cost of an item will appear on labels? If Tesco really want go green and with their huge profits, they could easily plant a few forests to be totally carbon neutral. I'd rather have a tree planted than a couple of points for doing what most of us already do anyway, the tree would last longer and do a lot more good.

  • redagila
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    In France most of the supermarket chains just stopped having free carrier bags over a year ago and they don't have boxes to use either. You either have to bring your own or can buy long life bags. There never seems to be a problem with customers although it was a shock the first time I went shopping when on holiday last year.
    If one of our chains had the courage to go down this route, I am sure the rest would soon follow when you think of the savings they would make. And couldn't they use it for publicity about how they were the first to "save the environment"!!
    In the meantime, I too will gladly accept the points for taking my own bags.
  • bagand96
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    How is this going to work.

    Good point. I work for tesco and the information in store about this scheme is very worrying, considering it goes live in 7 days. Sure, we all got our letters from Sir Terry in the post on friday, but that was the PR machine and nothing about the actual execution of the scheme.

    Management in store range from very vague to haven't got a clue. General consensus is it will be down to cashier discretion. So the cashiers will have to be keeping a mental note of how you are packing your shopping, then enter the points at the end.

    All in all, expect chaos next week. Expect untranied cashiers not really sure on what to do, expect awkward customers ranting that yesterday till 21 awarded them 4 points for their box yet today its only worth 3!

    Not sure how this will work with .com, or if it even applies at all.
  • CharleneUK
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    Sounds like a good theory, but it'll hold up queues a lot longer.
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  • Jakejakejake
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    Hows this going to work on self-scan?
  • anniecave
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    redagila wrote:
    In France most of the supermarket chains just stopped having free carrier bags over a year ago and they don't have boxes to use either. You either have to bring your own or can buy long life bags. There never seems to be a problem with customers although it was a shock the first time I went shopping when on holiday last year.....

    same in Holland, when I go there occasionally.

    Overall a good idea, I do have some long life bags somewhere, time to dig them out I think.

    Wonder if the other retailers will follow? I often shop as Asda as it's closer than Tesco. I don't think they'll be as quick to follow. But you never know.
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  • comperking
    comperking Posts: 205 Forumite
    Great idea!!!

    Perhaps someone can tell me how long it will take me to get the 4000 Clubcard points I need and save the planet? Oh, and of course make Tesco more money!

    Now the points system online is virtually at a standstill I will have to make a dozen more trips to Tesco, either by foot, not possible as store too far away. By bus, or the devil machine, the car!

    Hardly saving the planet with all the extra kafuffle involved in shopping! Not to mention the hot air that will be exchanged at the checkout with exasperated customers!

    Great idea Tesco but make sure you tell the store managers, as they normally don’t know what day of the week it is, let alone policy!

    Absenthe makes the heart grow fonder!

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  • magni
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    I think it's a good idea. I think I'll wait and see how it actually works in reality before I shoot it down:rotfl: In the Republic of Ireland they have been charging for bags for a few years now. As far as I know it has worked really well there.
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    I was interested to read in the Guardian article that the new biodegradable bags will only degrade when exposed to sunlight - but not when burried in landfill.

    The quote from the article is here:

    Sandra Bell, a Friends of the Earth spokeswoman, said: "Even if Tesco meets its targets, it will still be handing out 3bn bags a year. This scheme is a drop in the ocean when you consider all the other food packaging waste."

    Ms Bell also criticised Tesco's new degradable carrier bags: "They are pointless in environmental terms. They are still plastic and they are still made from oil. When they are sent to landfill they cannot break down because they need sunlight to break down. They are a 'greenwash' option ... to mislead customers and make them think that Tesco is being green".

    So just how is this going to help?

    It looks like the only bags that are going to degrade are the ones that you keep in your car to re-use!! - That's helpful!!

    You can read the full article here,,1837747,00.html#article_continue
  • rosy
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    I got a point today :j ( and I thought it was only starting next week?) I had my wally trolley as usual and the cashier asked if she would pack for me or if I was putting my shopping in the trolley. I have not had any cashier ask that before. I said I was putting it in the trolley and that was that. It was only later when I checked the receipt I saw it said "green Clubcard bag re-use" 1 point. I had no idea she had done this - she certainly made no mention of it at the time. And I only got one point, presumably because I had one "bag". However my one trolley holds about four or five bags worth. Would it not be a lot simpler ( though I appreciate not making the reward equivalent to amount of environmental benefit IYSWIM ) if every shopping trip where you only used old bags/ boxes/ wally trolleys you were consistently awarded say 5 points, no matter how many bags the cashier might deem you to have used?
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