FREE Tesco Clubcard points for turning GREEN !!!!!



  • jo_b_2
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    Yes but that is 4p to spend at MFI when converted into deals ;)

    Welshy x

    Definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! ;)
  • *Sparkle*_3
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    jo_b wrote:
    Definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! ;)

    Abbey Loan £6,000
    Tesco loan £3,000
    Tesco points --- £100 worth £400 in deals for holiday! :j :T
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  • robonz
    robonz Posts: 333 Forumite
    why can't they just charge 5p or more per plastic carrier like they do in Aldi and Lidl stores? works brilliantly as hardly anyone buys their bags but instead bring their own used bags or use the provided used cardboard boxes and trays.
    thanks to everyone who has thanked me!
  • NAR
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    Totally agree robonz. It is just a matter of laziness that we don't bring our bags back to reuse at the supermarkets.
    We have about 10 strong big LIDL bags that are always reused. If people were being charged for bags, like they are in the Irish Republic supermarkets, then they would bring back their bags for the next shopping trip no problem!
    If the rewards don't work, then hopefully Tescos will start charging for their bags.
  • Claire_DC
    Claire_DC Posts: 1,269 Forumite
    1 point is hardly an incentive :rolleyes:

    But they only give you 1 point for every £1 spent anyway, so it's not such a bad incentive really, considering it's costing you nothing!

    Also, it isn't going to be just 1p id used in deals as it's more like 4p then (depending on which deal you take out of course), again costing you nothing.

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  • Jakejakejake
    Jakejakejake Posts: 6,324 Forumite
    *Sparkle* wrote:
    Sorry if this has been mentioned.
    But i shop with tesco online and they are terrible for the amount of bags they use, an example would be one product in one bag....
    Is this scheme available to online customers?
    i always return the hundreds of bags they give me.

    Sainsburys and ocado are exactly the same - its stupid - 1 bottle of ketchup in 1 bag - a jar of jam in 1 bag - its such a waste
  • Debbie_S
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    Great! Free points for something we do anyway. Nice!
    Think of happiness as a kind of mental gardening.
  • John_T_5
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    It would be nicer if Supermarkets would just stop handing out carrier bags.

    With regards to those who think that they have green credentials because they reuse their carrier bags as bin liners you are completely missing the point, which is to stop carrier bags ending up in landfill sites.

    Supermarkets having cardboard boxes available at the till sounds like a good idea, but what they are actually doing is getting customers to take home their rubbish, that otherwise they would have to pay to have removed, which cuts down the incentive for supermarkets to take a good long hard look at how they package and transport goods to their stores.

    The simple answer is to always put your shopping in reusable shopping bags and not the 10p bags for life that Tesco provide as ultimately they will end up in landfill as well.

    Thank you to the Original Poster, a few extra points is better than nothing.
    "As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared."
  • robonz
    robonz Posts: 333 Forumite
    if you charge for bags like they do in aldi and lidl it also takes away any stigma of bring your own, as lots of people then start doing so, and therefore you are not the odd one out by doing so.
    thanks to everyone who has thanked me!
  • John_T_5
    John_T_5 Posts: 219 Forumite
    Most shoppers are hardly going to think twice about paying out 10p per bag when they are buying a weekly shopping that may well top £100, the only way to resolve the problem is to do what they have done in the Republic Of Ireland and ban shops issuing them, if everyone is in the same boat then there can be no stigma attached to bringing your own bags.
    "As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared."
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