FREE Tesco Clubcard points for turning GREEN !!!!!



  • LH79_2
    LH79_2 Posts: 45 Forumite
    Hmmm. I saw this on the news to... as someone else has said - we reuse ours as binliners - but we won't get points for that.. maybe they should penalise those who buy bin bags!!!:rotfl:
  • Hootie19
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    So much scope for argument and abuse of the system lol.

    I have two carrier bags stuffed full of carrier bags (got out of the habit of having groceries delivered since I started full time work, so don't hand bags back to the driver now). So if I take them into Tesco with me, and put one item in each bag, will that be legitimately saving carrier bags? If not, what will they deem acceptable? Three items per bag? Four? Six? Will the bag have to be completely filled?

    I often put raw meat into bags on their own just in case of dripping/escaping meat juices not tarnishing other items - will that be allowable?

    Or I try and put just a few heavy items in bag to reduce the chances of the bag splitting.

    A great idea, but oh my! I can see some "heated debates" at the checkouts!
  • black-saturn
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    1 point is hardly an incentive :rolleyes:
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  • Jammygal
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    Do you think it might mean people are far more careful about not overloading those bags.....................;) well as being eco friendly of course!!!
  • Mandles
    Mandles Posts: 4,121 Forumite
    Im sure home delivery man will love me when my £100 tesco shop turns up each week and i make them wait so that i can empty all the bags and get 10 clubcard points!
    Saying that though they do ask me for my old bags sometimes or maybe i am mishearing and they are calling me an old bag?!
    I do use the bags for the kids lunches as it stops their lunch box(styled like bags) getting all stinky and gross like they usually do.
  • santana-mx3
    santana-mx3 Posts: 415 Forumite
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    1 point is hardly an incentive :rolleyes:

    I agree with this. We re-use all our carrier bags but not by taking them back to Tesco (use them as bin liners etc).

    To really have a big effect, they would have to charge penalising people for using new bags, rather than rewarding them for not using them. They could do this by charging for bags (would be unpopular, although it works for Aldi/Lidl) or by deducting clubcard points (can't see Tesco wanting to do that).
  • ~cleo~
    ~cleo~ Posts: 583 Forumite
    1 point is hardly an incentive :rolleyes:

    well better than nothing and im sure it will encourage a few people to reuse for shopping (which is what they want, to save them money on bags if nothing else)- and they will be seen to be doing something environmental

    personally i use the bags for bins and one in my bag for when i take the dog out, i cant imagine myself reusing the bags for shopping but if they provide more boxes i would use them
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    WELSH-DRAGON_2 Posts: 5,683 Forumite
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    1 point is hardly an incentive :rolleyes:

    Yes but that is 4p to spend at MFI when converted into deals ;)

    Welshy x
    ;) I am the only Voucher Queen in my village LOL ;)
  • SwissToni_2
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    The only reason Tesco is doing this is because the bags are costing them money and they're using the going green thing as an excuse to make even more profits. Considering they cut down 100 year old rare trees to put up monster stores on stilts, with powered walkways, masses of lighting and air conditioning and all the rest that run constantly 24/7, they're the last people on earth to dictate how to be green. They're totally taking the... amber nectar so to speak. :mad:

    Personally we always store and reuse our bags, those that we can't we donate to charity shops who will always put them to good honest use.

  • *Sparkle*_3
    *Sparkle*_3 Posts: 503 Forumite
    Sorry if this has been mentioned.
    But i shop with tesco online and they are terrible for the amount of bags they use, an example would be one product in one bag....
    Is this scheme available to online customers?
    i always return the hundreds of bags they give me.
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