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does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking



  • Becles
    Becles Posts: 13,164 Forumite
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    I wear an apron when I'm cooking, but it's called a pinny round here!

    I don't wear one for cleaning, as I do it wearing cheap jogging bottoms/shorts and an old t-shirt, so it doesn't matter if they get dirty or stained.
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  • Kazonline
    Kazonline Posts: 1,472 Forumite
    Kitasmum - The Body Shop sell cotton gloves, and I believe Avon do too.

    Love this thread all about pinnies. I wish that someone would invent aomething 'trendy' along these lines. I do have an apron that I wear occasionally - but certainly could do with wearing it more often!
    My Nan had lots of the 'half' pinnie types (waist only) and always wore one when doing the housework - but it was always taken off to answer the door :D
    When my boys were babies I often wished I could find a 'tabard' style so that I could keep my shoulders clean - I think they're a great asset to any mum with a baby - especially if they have a pocket (keep wipes/teethers/gel/rattle/dummy etc to hand)
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  • I wear long aprons when I cook.
    I remember when I was a child my grandmother always wore one.
    The thing is, I keep thinking that I should wear one every day so I would always have my mobile where ever I am, also would have paper and pen, tissues, and what evers.
  • Chipps
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    I almost always wear an apron when cooking - otherwise I would end up wearing half the ingredients! I have 3 aprons, 1 which my sister had as a wedding present & didn't want, so I snaffled it, 1 which cost £2 from Ikea (lovely quality fabric, but has no pockets so not perfect) and 1 I bought this year in Kefalonia, nice embroidery & says Kefalonia on it in greek. I've also got 2 of the waist aprons, but don't wear those much, as the mess doesn't know it's supposed to just land where the apron is!
  • twink
    twink Posts: 3,827 Forumite
    i used to wear an apron when i had little ones but my gran always wore a flowery cross over apron in the mornings, those days washing by hand etc, then when she got dressed for the afternoon she wore the kind with a bib front
  • bluenose1
    bluenose1 Posts: 2,660 Forumite
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    Could see that wearing an apron would be useful especially when baking etc, unfortunately I am a victim of the fashion police and would feel too embarrassed to wear one.
    I associate them with generations gone by.
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    COOLTRIKERCHICK Posts: 10,510 Forumite
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    bluenose1 they say its trendy to be diff......obviously there must be loads of people still wearing them, otherwise..shops would stop selling them...
    plus years ago people didnt have a lot of spare clothes..they only had one or two outfits for best...and then some house clothes, so they had to make sure that they lasted....thats why people allways wore aprons....but to day clothes are so new jeans in the supermarkets start at £3.00 a no one has got the same out look on clothes and items... as they are so cheap...throw away..society...

    but i love my aprons.....i must admit....a have a soft spot (maybe bordering on fetish , thats what my hubby thinks :D ) i think its maybe to do with what it hard women work around the house, and keep ends meet...etc...

    also someone was asking about cotton gloves... i think you might be able to pick them up in a catering supplies....look through yellow pages.. i know we used to use them when i worked in a meat packing...factory to wear under the rubber gloves to keep our hands warmer......worth a look...
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  • Softstuff
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    bluenose1, no reason they aren't trendy now, since 40's and 50's stylings are back in. I think the more tailored, chintzy kitsch aprons are just about right.
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  • PigginSkint
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    I certainly do wear an apron when cooking or cleaning! I too have ruined clothes through not wearing one - bleach has got to be the worst!

    I have a selection - a few cotton ones and also 2 PVC ones which are decidedly past their best, to say the least, but they have strong sentimental value: one belonged to my mum and one was given to me by my mum for cooking at school when I was 12. (My mum died when I was 15)

    I also wear yellow rubber gloves... when I remember! I should wear them all the time as I have a tendency to get dermatitis on my hands if I don't.
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  • lizastar
    lizastar Posts: 32 Forumite
    I too always wear an apron for baking/cooking-much too messy not to! I like my stripey butchers ones which tie at the front best-you can't wipe your hands on those PVC ones! Usually wear old clothes for cleaning bathroom as I have also spoilt things with bleach in the past.
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