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does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking



  • mandyc
    mandyc Posts: 160 Forumite
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    I suppose aprons aren't worn as much nowadays because it is eaasier to wash and dry clothes than it was 30 years ago.

    My mother would always where an apron (not one with a bib, just tied around the waist) when cooking and cleaning but would not go out of the house with it one. One day she came to pick me up from school and I was mortified to see she still had her apron on - not the done thing at all!!!

    I, also, only where an apron when we are having visitors and I have my "best" clothes on.
  • COOLTRIKERCHICK says her nan kept old knickers in her apron pocket, well my mum still keeps them in her car to wipe down a steamy window!!. She never throws out underwear, sheets, towels or any thing that can be used as dusters. She cuts the legs off laddered tights and uses whats left to hold her hairback when putting make up on. Still, to be fair, she has never been in debt.

    I do wear aprons occasionally but not PVC, the water runs down on to my feet and rubber gloves make my hands smell.
  • Quasar
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    I have a couple of waterproof aprons but I rarely use them. When I get home I always change into house clothes, old ones that are no longer fit to be seen in public. :o

    Unless I have guests while I'm cooking, in which case it's nice clothes and an apron...:)
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  • in_my_wellies
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    If I get up early I do the housework in my nighty - seem to get done quicker as I rush round upstairs, then some downstairs too. Then into the shower before I get dressed.

    I always forget the rubber gloves until it's too late - except for the changing the cat litter - always remember then.

    Do people have different aprons and rubber gloves for different job I wonder? I have pink for kitchen (best condition as I forget to use them), blue for the loo and yellow for the litter trays.
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  • Of course we still wear 'em dearie, you wouldn't half make a mess of your clothes if you didn't, what with all the scrubbing and such like. Mind you, these modern "cleansers" are a load of rubbish really, they don't get anything half as bright and shiny as me Vim. :D


    That Lillibet's mum's got the right idea, she still had hers on when she came to our whist drive last week (between you, me and the gatepost I'm sure she does it deliberately - those nice big pockets hold plenty and she didn't half win some hands :think: ).

    Happy scrubbing! :wave:
  • Lillibet_2
    Lillibet_2 Posts: 3,364 Forumite
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    That Lillibet's mum's got the right idea, she still had hers on when she came to our whist drive last week (between you, me and the gatepost I'm sure she does it deliberately - those nice big pockets hold plenty and she didn't half win some hands :think: ).

    Happy scrubbing! :wave:
    I didn't know my mum could play whist:confused: I assum you mean someone other than my mum!:rotfl:

    Emr, I'll ask when I see her tomorrow.
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  • julesgr
    julesgr Posts: 657 Forumite
    I generally wear one in the kitchen but not for cleaning as i'm usually in my old pj's that will just get thrown in the wash. also when cookingI'm found with a tea towel over my shoulder or tucked over the apron band so i can have somewher to wipe hands or something to use in a hurry to hold hot things (habit from catering college that one)
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  • thriftlady_2
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    I only have one apron, but desperately need more. I'm a very messy cook, and have had countless mishaps with stick blenders (beetroot soup:eek: ).

    I like ones that have a bib as that's the bit that gets messiest. Really I could do with a housecoat like my Gran used to wear, or a tabard like Lilibet's mum.

    I hate rubber gloves though which is why my hands are in such a state.

    Btw CTC, my knickers cover a very large area when used for dusting:o :D

    This is a good site for sewing patterns, type in aprons and it comes up with all sorts.
  • wigginsmum
    wigginsmum Posts: 4,150 Forumite
    I don't wear aprons or rubber gloves, but I do wear thin latex gloves for gardening. Avoids cat poo on the hands and means I don't have to dig around to get stuff out from under my nails.
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  • Katyag
    Katyag Posts: 1,217 Forumite
    My mum has always had an apron for as long as i can remember and im only 27! She had an Oxo one which she got for free by sending away tokens from boxes but she bought a new one for going away our holidays this year.

    As soon as shes in the kitchen to cook the apron is on! My DS loves his apron now too after seeing Nana in hers all the time! lol
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