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does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking



  • Hardup_Hester
    Hardup_Hester Posts: 4,800 Forumite
    I have a butchers apron I wear for cooking, if I remember. Usually I just wear a tshirt & throw it away if I ruin it, it sounds wastefull, but I buy all my tshirts from charity shops as I ruin them at work, I get copying toner all over them.
    I have just bathed my grandson & should have worn an apron for that, as hubby says I look as though I'm entering a wet tshirt competition!!!

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  • ziggy2004
    ziggy2004 Posts: 391 Forumite
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    I wear an apron for cooking and baking I've got 2 at the moment one I got as a present and one I made myself (very proud) I made 4 last christmas for my mum and my 2 sisters and one for me!! I like it because it is double sided with a christmas side and a plain side.
    X Anne
  • mossstar
    mossstar Posts: 170 Forumite
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    Dobie wrote:
    I always wear rubber gloves for wet jobs. They're horrid this weather 'cos your hands get all sweaty inside them but I'd never not wear them. My mum never wore them & the ends of her fingers got all cracked & were really really sore, especially in the winter. Also you can use hotter water if you wear gloves so I always think that gets things cleaner.

    I always use some handcream if i'm going to be wearing rubber gloves and really slather it on - if you're using hot water it's even better! You get a clean house or whatever and you get an easy beauty treatment at the same time ;)
  • iwanttosave_2
    iwanttosave_2 Posts: 34,292 Forumite
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    wouldnt get much dusting done to day ...with these simpy thongs that people wear.......:eek:

    Whats wrong with little thongs? :cry:

    I try to wear my apron when I remember, otherwise I end up soaked when I wash the pots, or covered in all sorts when cooking. I got me self a a nice smart one so I dont look odd at the age of 22 wearing one if I have to go to the door :D
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  • I wear a pinny when cooking too! A butchers one for cooking a white calico one for cleaning and some DIY as it has a front pocket that could take an anvil and survive! For BBQ's I have an amusing "Adult" one with tassels and stuff!!! :D

    When GD visits she loves to "cook" with "Gandad" but makes a right old mess so I now put her in a bin liner with 3 holes in it and tape her up - She still gets flour inside it though :o The next step will be to tape the hoover pipe to the top of her head I think :rotfl:
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  • Lillibet_2
    Lillibet_2 Posts: 3,364 Forumite
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    I have two aprons on the go, one in the wash & one to use all the time, blue & white striped butchers aprons. I always wear one when doing anything with flour, even just filling the breadmaker;) plus any other messy cooking or frying & always when feeding Spud as I tend to end up wearing a certain amount & avocado doesn't suit me:rolleyes:

    My nan used to wear aprons which were basicaly like pretty wrap around dresses with different length sleeves. They always looked so feminine & attractive;) Even if I could find them now I think they have to be worn over dresses, the effect would be lost with jeans:rolleyes:

    In addition to waistcoat like pinnies, my other nan has several sets of "sleeve protectors", basically like cotton legwarmers with elastic top & bottom which she wears to do her housework & baking in, 'cos she always says without them she wears out her cuffs before the rest of the garment:p. My mum makes them for her every Christmas out of pretty (new) pillowcases:cool:

    I can't bear rubber gloves, it has to be a really grotty job like hand-cleaning out a drain for me to put them on:p

    My Mum religiously wears a tabbard apron, I always joke that they look like maternity tops. She makes them with wacking big plunge pockets like kangaroo pouches in the front! She puts it on when she gets dressed in the morning & takes it off when she goes to bed at night, many a time I've had to remind her to take it off before going out & she often arrives at my house (50 miles from her) getting out of the car wearing it:p. She has also gone out shopping or to the hairdressers wearing it under her coat:o I swear when the time comes we're going to bury her wearing one:rolleyes: She has a great selection of them, from best (not stained:rolleyes:) , seasonal (santa, easter bunny, birthday cake, halloween ghosts), everyday (made from worn out sheets) & gardening (made from tesco value shower curtains). But none of them are complete with out a pink pair of rubber gloves hanging out of the pocket:rolleyes:
    Post Natal Depression is the worst part of giving birth:p

    In England we have Mothering Sunday & Father Christmas, Mothers day & Santa Clause are American merchandising tricks:mad: Demonstrate pride in your heirtage by getting it right please people!
  • livinginhope
    livinginhope Posts: 1,897 Forumite
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    I usually wear an apron for the housework,but in this heat I now just strip off and clean in bra and panties :o must admit it can be embarassing if the door bell rings,but it's so much cooler and you don't ruin your clothes :D
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    COOLTRIKERCHICK Posts: 10,510 Forumite
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    hi...iwanttosave......nothing wrong with thongs....but not very good for using for dusting after they've seen better days shall we say... but with bridget jones....there is a lot to them.. so ideal for getting a good shine on days of wearing thongs are over....nice confort pants for me...

    so what do you suggest that we can re use thongs for ?....

    but seriously.... i can allways remember my gran in her apron with a pair of old knickers as dusters/rags.... and alot of women used to do that.. and i would just imagine her reaction.. to them ,not being about to use then after wards...for rags etc.....or is it only my gran that used to do that ?
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  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    I usually wear an apron for the housework,but in this heat I now just strip off and clean in bra and panties :o must admit it can be embarassing if the door bell rings,but it's so much cooler and you don't ruin your clothes :D

    Your post made me smile. I did some vacuming in my bikini this week........Mr Pink's face was a picture when he arrived home early from work. Glad I'm not the only one.:D

  • emr_2
    emr_2 Posts: 108 Forumite
    Lillibet wrote:
    My Mum religiously wears a tabbard apron. She makes them with wacking big plunge pockets like kangaroo pouches in the front! She has a great selection of them,

    does ur mum have a pattern or even simple instructions?
    also for the sleeve protectors?
    when i was v. young i used to visit a neighbour and it was a great treat to put on her plastic sleeve protectors, and play with the earthenware milk bottle cooler and butter cooler, and the special thingy to put on the gas hob. don't remember why. maybe something to do with keeping the heat low when warming milk?

    when our children were young we all had our own pinnies - that we always wore at mealtimes as well as when doing dishes, baking etc. even DH had one, his sister gave him. it had a picture of a small boy wearing an oversized pinnie, and the motto "when a man's married, his trouble begins"
    when that wore out, (pvc cracked and split) another sister gave him one with a scottish piper picture. come to think of it, i haven't seen it lately; probably lost in recent house move. maybe i;ll look for a new pinny for him, for Christmas!

    nowadays i have a pvc one for "wet" jobs and a stripey one from ASDA's reduced last yr to 75p. also have several "tea aprons" (waist aprons) but don't find them so helpful, as, like many of the posters, i am mrs messy!
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