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does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking



  • soba
    soba Posts: 2,166 Forumite
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    I've got a pvc apron but I don't like to wear it when I'm washing up cos it gets so wet, then the water drips on my feet!!
    Also I don't like one that are like a halter-neck style - I always feel like they're pulling my neck down. Having said that I really should wear something cos I get messier than DS (age 4) when doing housework.
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  • thriftmonster
    thriftmonster Posts: 1,712 Forumite
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    I have a huge white calico one with one of those diagrams of how to butcher a pig on the front pocket. I don't wear it often enough - but I never garden without gardening gloves - just in case I touch a slug!!!
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  • yallapilko
    yallapilko Posts: 70 Forumite
    Yes, I always wear one, I use some plastic throw away ones I was given. When they run out I'll be looking for a new cotton one as the plastic ones are too hot in summer. And I do wear rubber gloves. Saves the hands!
  • Baileys_Babe
    Baileys_Babe Posts: 5,574 Forumite
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    I wear an apron when ever I cook, its cotton. Wish I had a tabbard with a large pocket for cleaning.

    I also wear rubber gloves for cleaning (pink) and washing up (yellow). I apply masses of hand cream, a pair of cotton gloves, with a pair of rubber gloves on top. Lovely soft hands.
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  • Anne_Marie_2
    Anne_Marie_2 Posts: 2,123 Forumite
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    Course I wear an apron, otherwise clothes would be ruined. Still got one given as wedding pressie (23 years old nearly) from M&S - got some servng trays in same design. Says something like home sweet home, cream coloured and wee leafy design. Then got a red and white stripey cotton one. Am sure I bought another stripey one which hasn't been used yet.
    Totally essential when making curries, tomato sauce things - also for rolling out dough, the flour gets everywhere. Pockets in apron are handy - I stick a teatowel dangling about for wiping my hands - saves a trail of flour all over the floor.

    I do remember vaguely someone using a housecoat as an apron, but can't remember who, just think it was one of those nylon thingies - would make you sweat buckets!

    OH has the solution for me for doing the garden. Boiler suit in bright orange!
    Not been stupid enough to wear it in the garden, but it was handy for painting inside!
  • SusanCarter
    SusanCarter Posts: 781 Forumite
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    I wear an apron for cooking/baking, washing up and cleaning round the kitchen. It has a pocket at the front which makes it double thickness just wear I get covered in water when washing up. I give the bathroom a quick wipe when I get up in the morning and clean bath/shower when I have a bath/shower so don't need apron or gloves for them. Any other cleaning is not that messy unless it's a "big" clean in which case I'd just wear old clothes.

    For dirty jobs like gardening or painting I pinch one of my husbands work shirts (he's a gardener).

    I wear gloves for washing up as I get excema otherwise. (Also I'd have to wash with cold water if I didn't have the gloves to protect me.) I have another pair of gloves for more dirty jobs that would get my hands wet and a pair of gloves for washing the car.

    I bought my apron nearly four years ago when I left home (aged 22) and cannot for the life of me remember what made me buy it or where I got it. I now have two others as I keep being given sets of ovengloves with an apron.

    I make my husband wear one too if he's helping me cook/bake and is wearing gardening clothes.
  • filigree_2
    filigree_2 Posts: 1,025 Forumite
    I got an apron free from Good Housekeeping as part of a subscriber offer, but I hardly ever wear it :o I should really, to protect my clothes from cooking spills.

    I wear gloves for nasty jobs like cleaning the toilet, but not for the washing up. Something else I should start doing, before my hands get old and wrinkly before their time.
  • iwanttosave_2
    iwanttosave_2 Posts: 34,292 Forumite
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    hi...iwanttosave......nothing wrong with thongs....but not very good for using for dusting after they've seen better days shall we say... but with bridget jones....there is a lot to them.. so ideal for getting a good shine on days of wearing thongs are over....nice confort pants for me...

    so what do you suggest that we can re use thongs for ?....

    Tying your hair back when its getting in your face :D Or is it just me :o :rotfl:
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  • kitasmum
    kitasmum Posts: 49 Forumite
    I apply masses of hand cream, a pair of cotton gloves, with a pair of rubber gloves on top. Lovely soft hands.

    Anyone know where to get the cotton gloves from? I've been trying to get some for ages as I get such itchy hands wearing rubber/latex gloves.

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  • soba
    soba Posts: 2,166 Forumite
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    kitasmum wrote:
    Anyone know where to get the cotton gloves from? I've been trying to get some for ages as I get such itchy hands wearing rubber/latex gloves.
    My dad used to get his from Boots, I think they used to order them in for him cos he's got big hands and they don't usually stock his size.
    HTH, soba
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