does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking

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does anyone use an apron when cleaning and cooking

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i have noticed the "older ladies" use tabards...overall......apron.. when they do the house cleaning......also when you watch old films the ladies have them on ..the scarfs hidding their curlers......very stereo type......
but seriously does anyone wear them..? ...at the mo. i've been selling my retro collection of clothes and accessories that i used to collect years ago, and every apron/pinnie and i have offered for sale, has sold....vintage ones that is.....

just a thought..as years ago practically every woman used to wear one....i can remember my gran..putting on her pink nylon overall and putting old kickers that she used use as dusters in the pockets...ready to dust....

wouldnt get much dusting done to day ...with these simpy thongs that people wear.......:eek:

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  • ivyleafivyleaf Forumite
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    I've got a PVC apron that's ideal as if anything gets spilled on it it just wipes clean! And when we were on hols in France recently I bought a very pretty striped cotton one, which is cooler to wear in this weather. It's got a big pocket on the front which comes in handy for pegs when hanging washing out, and I could use the pocket to hold dusters etc when cleaning, haven't done that yet as only just thought of it! I don't wear an apron all the time when doing housework but I ought to as I'm such a messy pup! It also comes in handy when eating something like spag bol, as i invariably splash sauce on my clothe otherwise!:p
  • umamiumami Forumite
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    I sold 2 aprons at oxfam last week and they were bought by a lady with a foreigh accent but her husband is english. I didn't think anyone would use them.There is another volunteer in our shop and she always wears one when she is working behind the shop.
  • SnowyOwl_2SnowyOwl_2 Forumite
    5.3K posts
    At school it was drummed into us to wear an apron when cooking or baking, but I never did get into the habit outside of school. At a friend's house recently I borrowed an apron but found it cumbersome and irritating and took it off after only a few minutes. I can see the point of them, but I just find them annoying and so never bother. Instead I wear something comfy and old and which isn't a problem if it gets a bit dusty or whatever.

  • vivaladivavivaladiva Forumite
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    No....but I ought to! Especially when making anything with tomatoes in that needs the stick blender. :o
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  • astonsmummyastonsmummy Forumite
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    I used to work as a home care worker and one of our clients wife wears one, one day i looked ou the window and she was chatting to her neighbour who was wearing one too - i thought it was sweet!
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  • GardenMillieGardenMillie Forumite
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    I always wear a cotton apron when cooking and baking. It keeps my clothes clean and is easy to throw in the washing machine when it needs cleaning. I find the PVC ones too bulky.
  • DobieDobie Forumite
    580 posts
    I have a stripey cotton one that I use when cooking if I'm wearing something that 'matters'. For example if we've got people here for dinner or a barbie or something so I've got decent clothes on rather than my scruffy ones I wear if nobody is going to see me.:o
    I also wear it if I'm cleaning with something that might ruin my clothes. I've bleached my sink before now & ended up with a white stripe on my top where I've leaned against it.
    I'm not a big fan really but I have to admit it's practical, like Ivyleaf's, mine has a pocket in the front for bits & bobs & I just throw it in the washer with the towels.
  • greenpixeygreenpixey Forumite
    2.8K posts
    I bought myself one last week from eBay. I was feed up with ruining my clothes, I'm always getting stained when I'm baking or making food. The worst is cooking oil, never seem to get the stains out properly.
    So I'm well chuffed with my apron. :D
  • fatnanfatnan Forumite
    132 posts
    I must admit I always wear one when I am baking, as I am so messy. I should have dustsheets over the kitchen units as well!!!
  • RadRad Forumite
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    I have a tabard from when I worked in the co-op and did wear it to clean in for a while, but now I wear beer t-shirts (my second job is working bars for music festivals) as I have so many of them.
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