Adult son starting 1st job - how much should he pay(staying at home)



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    when I was at home aged 21 my parents asked for £300 a month which was affordable on the wage for my first job and gave me a chance to pay off student loan and save too. I think this was to give me a some recognition of the value of money - my parents have always worked hard and saved up and they wanted it to rub off on me! I think they also knew that if I lived rent-free at theirs I would never move out... this could also be why I was on ironing duty every week!!:embarasse
    Having said this they were always kind about the payments and would give me the odd break- when they went on summer holiday I got a rent-free month cos I was having to 'fend for myself'!!
    I am grateful for the grounding I got when it comes to money. I have friends same age (late 20s) who are terrible with money and some of them had it all on a plate as kids so i'm kind of not surprised. Mind you it must be hard not to spoil your kids if you can afford it!
  • Well said fran-o and I think that makes a good point, we do spoil them for grown up life if we give them everything all the time. Mind you it is hard, because you want to give your children better than you had.
    I have a new dilema, DS1 working, DS2 at uni but also working part time and earning a bit less.. We are going on holiday together and are paying for DS2 but not DS1. Is that fair?
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