Great 'Fave Sub-£5 Beauty Products' Hunt?



  • Lobell
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    nikki2804 wrote: »
    Just a little warning - a lot of people react with Dermalogica products. I work with the products on a daily basis and its amazing the amount of people who can't use them.

    The same could be said of most products. In this thread alone, at least half a dozen products have been mentioned that I have reacted badly to. It surely goes without saying that there no one product that will suit everyone?
  • Glpark01
    Glpark01 Posts: 202 Forumite
    sainsburys fragrance free face wash is fab and 98p!
  • cupkate
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    r.mac wrote: »
    vaseline is so cheap and so versatile. A small pot costs just over £1 and lasts me months.

    use it as a lipbalm, on it's own, or over or under lipstick.
    use on cheekbones and brow bones for a dewy glow
    use to keep unruly eyebrows in place.
    great for small areas of dry skin
    even works as a great nappy/barrier cream :D

    I use Vaseline on my feet at night with cotton socks-works better than any cracked skin cream I've ever tried
  • In my quest for a fab new mascara I've tried Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect mascara and it's £4.99 in Tesco. It is really good and my lashes look awesome :happyhear
  • shazzprozz
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    i tried the face cream from aldi,the one everyone raves about.i much prefer the issere range from lidil.i have been using it for ages and i think it's really good.
    i also use anything from wilkinsons.their skin therapy range is good.the face wipes are 99p but i usually stock up when they are 2-4-1. i have bought the ultra intensive hand and nail cream 2-4-97p.smells it's cheap you dont feel like you have to only use a little. i also buy an anti wrinkle eye cream there too.
    i use poly colour hair dye for 1.97 also from wilkinsons.i think its just as good as any other.
    it shouldn't cost a million dollars to look a million dollars!
  • For makeup I can highly recommend EyesLipsFace or Most items are £1.50, but they also do a studio range which is dearer but still less than £5
    I've very sensitive skin (VERY!) & have never had a reaction to any of their makeup (although I do appreciate that everyone is different)
    I now have two ful sets of makeup from them, one for home & one for travel!
  • faithless
    faithless Posts: 782 Forumite
    I'd definately second elf (
    Their All Over Colour stick is great as a blusher and if I'm in a rush, as a lipstick as well - and it's only £1.50. Pink Lemonade is a nice natural pinky colour.
    I noticed the other day that No 7 charge £9.75 for a similar blusher stick! They occasionally offer free delivery, which makes it even better value. I'm not fussy on their nail varnishes though, I found them too thin/see through.

    I like No 7 mascaras as I have sensitive eyes and they don't irritate me, particularly the Intense Volume one. It's £10.50 but I only ever buy them when there's the £5 off No7 voucher on (it's on now, and comes back every 2 months or so) so £5.50.
  • 1maia
    1maia Posts: 8 Forumite
    I won't buy anything tested on animals, it's cruel and pointless, but there are loads of things that are cheap because they're not 'famous' and pricey. For instance, i use food-use rosewater for cleaning my eyes, best i've found (won't do makeup but great for sensitive skin) from a food shop, in a glass bottle, made in india, £1.25. You can even put some in cold water for the most refreshing summer drink ever. I use (really expensive) faith in nature Neem etc shampoo, £4.99 a bottle, because i have really oily hair, but i only want to wash it once a week: this is the only one i've found that rips the oil out without making it go all oily for the last 2 or 3 days: it's almost as good as new on day 6, so i only have to wash my hair once a week, so it lasts forever, so ultimately it's cheap. (If i wash it every day, it's disgustingly oily by 2pm: i had to train it.) The reason, i think, that it's so good is that it doesn't contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate/SLS, so it doesn't overstimulate compensatory oil secretion by the scalp. I only bought it because once i couldn't get to the body shop, and i've been a raving convert ever since: for someone without oily hair, i think any SLS free shampoo would do. Finally, you can often get 'miracle' products a lot cheaper if you buy them pure. For instance, pure rosa mosqueta oil ('miracle' anti-wrinkling/ageing ingredient) £2.99 from my local herbalist; pure cocoa butter, £1.50 for a lump from a carribbean beauty products chemist in london; pure shea butter, fair trade, far more for a big tub but far cheaper than pricey brands 'containing' it, online at the natural collection. If you make your own (you need some plastic tubs to keep it in) stuff such as rosewater, cocoa butter and olive oil lip balm is dirt cheap, as you don't need much 'miracle ingredient' in it, although, like food, it will go off if you make it with mucky fingers... Best of all, my mum found pure coconut oil at the local chemist (not a chain, and always cheapest) for 49p. She's allergic to nearly everything, but that's pure and fine. It wasn't on special offer, it was just cheap.
  • judyjetson
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    Another vote for ELF, especially the moisture care lip colour in pink lemonade (a colour I would imagine would suit all skin tones). It's got slightly more coverage than a gloss, lasts well, and I find it has a slightly plumping effect as well. Bargain at £1.50.

    Best lip balm for me has to be Body Shop's Hemp Lip Protector at £4.
  • 1maia
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    Sorry, rosa mosquita oil. Also called 'andean rose oil' as it's some kind of rose/briar that grows in the andes. Neem is an indian anti-insect/bacteria thing, it stinks but the shampoo doesn't, on the bottle it says it's for lice - i didn't notice! - i just buy by smell. The price for fairtrade shea butter pure or with argan oil ('miracle' antiwrinkle northafrican product) is really high, but it lasts forever. The other superexpensive product i found to be worth it was Roman Chamomile (not other chamomile) pure essential oil, which was £10 for 1ml but the only one which helped my chronic agonising back pain; you have to be in pain to be that desperate, but if you are: as you mix it 1 drop to 20ml of base oil, it lasts forever, or at least a year... Pure almond oil from Holland and Barrett, especially in their half price sales, is great skin oil/moisturiser. I really want to try old shampoo (beat lots of rosemary bushes in boiling water, leave, use) as it grows rampant in the garden; i have tried using oatmeal for a facemask, but as it's lots of bits it kept falling off everywhere, so i can't report on that (old country favourite); i've never been prepared to waste a peach, avocado or passionfruit on my face as a mask, has anyone had success with that?
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