Great 'Fave Sub-£5 Beauty Products' Hunt?



  • sharonlz
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    Pootle_3 wrote: »
    Depends on the size though.

    The shower gel is (I think) 200ml.

    What size is the bath gel?
    But the shower gel would need to be watered down as it is very gloopy.
    I do this with all handwashes anyway - 2 small people in the house it just falls into the sink if too thick.:rotfl:
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  • shzl400
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    I rate Sainsbury's basics soap - 3 big bars for 13p! Great for just handwashing or men who aren't fussy. Keep the posh stuff for yourself, girls!
  • kerri_gt
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    I use Asda Clear skin Exfoliating Facial wash (£1.97 for 150ml) and their Clear Skin double action moiustureiser (£1.97 for 100ml). Both have tea tree and witch hazel in to help fight blemishes. I have sensitive skin which is very dry on my body but rather combination on my face - I find these work really well.

    I also use Vasaline Intensive Resuce Moiustureiser on my body every day - its £2.59 at the moment in Saver for a 500ml bottle (norm £3.99 in there) and is the only cream I can find that hydrates all day and doesn't cost the earth.

    As a fyi, I saw a Bio-oil type oil in Wilkinksons the other day for £2 (right next to Bio Oil) and some reasonably priced Q10 creams.
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  • joesaunt wrote: »
    I love Asda smart price hair mousse 57p for a massive can. I used to use John Frieda frizz ease mousse but find this as good and a massive difference in price.

    Also, Asda sensitive skin makeup wipes, less than a £ per pack. Very gentle on skin but removes all make up. As good or if not better than most of the leading branded wipes.

    I only go to Asda for these two products.

    Agree with this - love the Asda facewipes! I recently thought I should try some others and got some £4 mark branded ones - what a load of rubbish! Dear asda wipes, I will never stray from you again.
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to reccommend a new Aldi product called Double Lift its two products that combine into one when used, one battling wrinkles and the other firming the skin, its a copy of some other famous and very expesive products but is unbelieveably only £3.99!

    The Aldi liquid concealer is also great at £3.59 and every bit as good as the Clinique or YSL more famous equivalents.:)

    I use Aldi's Lacura face cream called 'balancing' - brilliant for greasy/dry combination cream. Best face cream I've found and only £1.99!

    Some of their face creams/products have won various beauty awards and their anti-wrinkle night cream came out top in a Which? survey, I believe, beating all the really expensive brands.
  • madfrenchgirl
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    I will add my twopence worth. Found out from the blog below about the Suhada Nature night cream from LIDL. I am sold now and it only costs £3.
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  • t.belle
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    I swear by Garnier Soft Essentials cleansing milk and toner. I have really sensitive skin and these have never caused me any problems and always leave my skin feeling really clean and soft. And they smell of roses so that's a plus! They're often on offer in Boots 2 for £5.
  • Boots natural range masscara is a great every day one. Its Euro 2 here but should be much cheaper in the UK. They also have a waterproof one. I also like the Barbara Daly make up at Tescos.
  • I have very dry sensitive, flaky skin and have tried various skin products, i never stick to the same creams I am yet to find a suitable one for my dry skin.
    Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser for my dry skin please?
    Many thanks
  • lostinrates
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I have very dry sensitive, flaky skin and have tried various skin products, i never stick to the same creams I am yet to find a suitable one for my dry skin.
    Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser for my dry skin please?
    Many thanks

    Its for that sort of thing for which I use my vit E oil. And lips, every day on my lips.

    FWIW I also have erradicated dry flakiness with Oil cleanse method. OCM is one of the things learnt on MSE I most use and has significantly saved money and improved my life ..well, as regards skincare!
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