Great 'Fave Sub-£5 Beauty Products' Hunt?



  • Skymist
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    Griizelda wrote: »
    I've just got the new Garnier 7 Day Hand Cream for dry rough hands and it's lovely.

    Can I ask which "flavour" are you using? I notice the £1.99 one is from Superdrug

    but it's so difficult to know which one will be best when they're all new AND contain different ingredients!!


  • Skymist wrote: »

    It's this one Skymist:

    The only reason I've linked it to a different site is that the Superdrug one has the hand creams mixed up (it has details of the honey handcream next to the picture and the honey handcream has details of the Mango Oil one next to it - hope that makes sense!)

  • Skymist
    Skymist Posts: 406 Forumite
    Thanks very much Griizelda :T

    I always find it difficult to choose new skincare products, especially when they come in so many different varieties, yet all supposedly promise to give the same result!!!

  • I have found Morrisons own brand Coco butter body lotion very good. I normally use Palmers but thought I would give this a try and think for the money ( Less than £1.50) it is very good and kept my very dry skin well moisturized.

    Also tried Morrisons Jojoba hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair ( pink) less than a £1 I think and it is pretty good too, nice and thick and a good everyday choice for my coloured hair.
  • Zoe.
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    janec wrote: »
    having tried loads of different face wipes including some recomended on here i have found one i really like at a bargain price.wilkinsons own brand ones are great,my fav is the one for dry skin (pink packet) cos it smells nicer than the other two.they are 67p a packet.i used to use nivea and cut them in half(mse tip!) but at this price i now use a whole one:rotfl:.teenage daughter likes them too.hth someone

    I use these too, have tried Simple, No7, Good Things, Boots, etc yet these are the cheapest and the best. Also last time I bought 1xUnfragranced @ 57p & 1xDry @ 67p yet they both went through at 57p, then took off 14p for the 2 for £1 offer. :)
  • Zoe.
    Zoe. Posts: 174 Forumite
    Oh and a few other tips:

    Aldi moisturisers are really good, and only £1.99. There's 3 day creams as well as 2 night creams. The Q10 range is anti-wrinkle for all skin types, Aqua-Complete is for all skin types and Q10 Restorative is for mature skin. I use Aqua-Complete and I love it. Completely worth £1.99 :D
    Almond oil is great for hands and nails. It's only about £1.59 from Boots for 50ml, I use it to nourish my nails/cuticles and occasionally on my hands. Also you can use it in cooking or on your face/body. :)
    Rosewater is a great toner. It's about £1-£2 from supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Sainburys. I found it on the Holland & Barrett website but couldn't find it instore. Great for people who like natural skincare products.
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    As a few other people have mentioned, the face wipes from Wilkinsons are a real bargain to me. As I have a couple of tubes of face wash that I've been given and am trying to use them up, I've been keeping holding of the face wipes after being used and then use them with the face wash to use them both up! It really extends the life of them. Great job Wilkos!

    KB xx
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    It breaks my heart a little to see people using disposable face wipes. They are horrible for your skin as they don't cleanse you properly, and disastrous for the environment. And as you throw them away, they are a big waste of money. The best thing you can do for your skin is buy a bunch of flannels (£3 for 10 from Ikea) and a creamy cleanser - the one by Simple is very good, lasts for months and is only a couple of quid - and follow the hot cloth cleansing method as extolled by Sali Hughes from the Guardian in this article Use a fresh flannel each day and just chuck it in the washing machine once you're done. It takes hardly any more time than using a wipe and will cleanse and exfoliate your skin far more effectively than a wipe ever will. Much, much cheaper too. A few months of this and my formerly clogged, acne-prone skin is so lovely that people comment on how perfect it is. I implore you to give the hot cloth cleansing method a go.
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    Avon's Supershock gel pencil eyeliners are just brilliant and although the rrp is just over a fiver, they're easy to pick up from ebay or wait until they're on special with Avon. They're soft so go on easy with no dragging, the black is a good dark true black and wow, they stay put like you wouldn't believe. I've yet to find a high end one to touch them other than Bobbi Brown & Physicians Formula (US brand) and they're only on a par but 4 times the price.
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  • Simples age resist face wipes @ £3.99 are the best ... I won't use any other brand. I also swear by the matching day cream (£5.99 so slightly over the budget)
    I'm also currently using superdrug hot cloth cleanser at night (again slightly over budget at £5.99 ) and am tempted by the radiance balm......... any views on this?
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