Great 'Fave Sub-£5 Beauty Products' Hunt?



  • katyboo123
    Prawny wrote: »
    Olive oil! You can use it to cleanse your face (although I only do this now and again now when I feel like a 'deep cleanse'. It can be used as a pre-shampoo hair treatment, leaves hair soft and shiny. I've mixed olive oil with a bit of brown sugar before and it was the best body scrub ever.

    someone told me that if you put olive oil on your skin, including face, every day for 2 weeks before a holiday abroad that you don't burn even if you have the palest skin ever. I think I am going to try it this year before my hols. Just dont fancy smelling of it every day!
  • katyboo123
    adelight wrote: »
    i rarely have success with really cheap products, i find they clog my pores or have so little an effect they're a waste of 99p :( but i do love sudocream for blocked pores/acne, shaving rash, basically any sort of skin complaint away from the face. i used to get blocked pores under back pack straps after hikes that would last ages but sudocream stops that completey and i have the most errr lovely back skin now :D it's also great for bug bites and preventing ingrown hairs

    I used to feel this way, I have spent a fortune on skin care over the years. But, have you tried Asda own Teenage Skin products? They are 99p each for cleanser, toner, moisturiser, leave your skin glowing, but matte and they don't clog your pores. They are fab. xx
  • fatballs
    I decant Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream into a tiny jar to keep by my bedside (my bf never understands when I use products for alternative uses and asks a million questions I don't always feel like answering!) and I use it around my eyes as an anti-wrinkle cream before I go to bed, and it has improved the appearance of my crows feet! It's very thick so you only need a tiny bit, it doesn't irritate my eyes, and contains 10% urea so is very moisturising. There are other ones such as those containing AHAs but I think they would sting to use around my eyes. At the rate I'm using it, a £5 tube is gonna last me just over a year.

    Unflavoured milk of magnesia (Boots do a cream of magnesia for about £2) works as an excellent mattifyer, shake well decant into a little jar or bottle and apply ONE DROP to the back of your hand, and dab onto your nose and blend well. Absorbs moisture all day to give a nice matte look. Don't use every day, or make sure you use a very good moisturiser when you take your makeup off, or you'll end up with dry skin after repeated use.

    Anti-chafing gel (lanacane? monistat? I think it's called) is basically a blend of silicones... just like makeup primer is! Pay about £3 for a tube, lasts ages, helps your foundation to go on sooooooo smoothly, and doesn't clog my pores.

    Back to mattifying, an excellent appearance to facial oil blotting paper which often costs about £3 for just 25 sheets... is good old cigarette rolling paper like Rizla. The blue or silver ones are best, I don't smoke, but I ask for 'a pack of medium silver rizla' when I go to buy a scratchcard. About 30p, tiny, keep in your handbag and dab your nose without disturbing your makeup every time you nip to the loo, lasts months. There's something so satisfying about being able to see the oil on the paper!

    Value/Basics baby wipes you can get for under 20p sometimes (then sometimes the price shoots up to 80p!) I use for cleaning my hands when applying makeup becaude I use my hands a lot and want them clean between applying different products. I used to use normal makeup wipes and then thought 'if it's not going on my face, does it matter?' (they can bring me out in spots).

    Basics/Value mayonnaise as a hair mask before shampooing, the smell doesn't linger and a 40p jar will last a good 6-8 uses!

    Hmmm I'll return when I can remember any others!
  • guineapig
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    katyboo123 wrote: »
    Creme de la Mer £100 per jar, John Lewis
    TRY : Blue Green Algae Moisturiser by Aubrey Organics £9.14
    OR (to keep it under a fiver) : Nivea Soft £3 per jar, Superdrug / Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask £3.45
    All contain pretty much the same ingredients list, only Nivea Soft doesn’t have Algae Extracts. However, as someone pointed out on a pretty useful beauty forum I refer to regularly; Creme de la Mer doesn’t specify which Algae it uses or in what volume, etc, and although it is the active ingredient you would never find me spending £100 a jar on face cream – even if it had eternal youth properties! Creme de la Mer costs less than £20 a jar to produce, so stick with the middle option from Aubrey Organics if you can afford to splash out, otherwise use Nivea Soft which has a 90% match on ingredients with Creme de la Mer and couple with a once a week treat mask from Dead Sea Spa.

    I know this was a post from a long time back, but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your post.

    I have VERY dry skin and I react to a lot of brands even ones meant for sensitive skins:(

    I thought I had found my holy grail with Estee Lauder, which is very expensive, but good and I don't react to it.

    However on reading your post I thought I would try the Nivea Soft, thinking, well, if I react or it's not moisturizing enough then I won't have wasted too much money.

    I am VERY IMPRESSED:D I remember Nivea from waaaaaay back and it would NEVER have occured to me to try Nivea Soft, if it hadn't been for your post, I told my Mother about it and she couldn't wait to get hold of some to try too!

    So THANK YOU for saving me lot's of ( future) money, as soon as all my Estee Lauder is done, I will just be buying this:j the bonus being that I can afford to slap it all over!
  • flippin36
    flippin36 Posts: 1,980 Forumite
    Can I recommend to you all INCECTO PURE COCONUT MOISTURISING CREAM. 99p from Homebargains for a 275ml tub. It has really helped my dry skin and doesn't make my sensitive skin sore. Have been using nivea which is good but is a bit heavy and gives me spots if I use it too often, this is much lighter but incredibly hydrating. Smells lovely too - very impressed.
  • littleeff
    Ive looked everywhere for this:

    Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask £3.45

    anyone know where I can find it please? My Superdrug doesn't seem to stock it.
  • Skymist
    Skymist Posts: 406 Forumite
    I second the INCECTO PURE COCONUT MOISTURISING CREAM. I bought mine from Poundland.....there aren't any Homebargains shops in Edinburgh...but alas, that was a while ago, and haven't seen it again since, and mine has run out!! But, well worth buying if you see it!!

  • Youdontseeme
    littleeff wrote: »
    Ive looked everywhere for this:

    Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask £3.45

    anyone know where I can find it please? My Superdrug doesn't seem to stock it.

    Holland and Barret while it is wonderful stuff it is £3.45 for one application so not really MS

    They have it on 3 for 3 at the mo though

    I wish I would take my own advice!
  • janec
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    having tried loads of different face wipes including some recomended on here i have found one i really like at a bargain price.wilkinsons own brand ones are great,my fav is the one for dry skin (pink packet) cos it smells nicer than the other two.they are 67p a packet.i used to use nivea and cut them in half(mse tip!) but at this price i now use a whole one:rotfl:.teenage daughter likes them too.hth someone
  • Griizelda
    I've just got the new Garnier 7 Day Hand Cream for dry rough hands and it's lovely. It absorbs quickly, so no greasy feeling for ages, unlike some I've tried. My hands feel(and look) so much better. As it's new, it seems to be on offer for £2.00 for 100ml at the moment. This is now my hand cream of choice!
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