Great 'Fave Sub-£5 Beauty Products' Hunt?



  • goonlord
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    Boots blue fragrance free eye make up remover is better than many very expensive brands IMO and about £1.49....they used to always have it on offer but don't seem to anymore :-(
  • ab7
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    goanmad wrote: »

    I also love Poundland's Pure range, identical to Boots Botantics in every way bar the price.

    :shhh: Thats because it is.......some are for the american market......carefully take of the poundland label.....;)
  • jools0001
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    OK, not exactly a beauty buy but definitely under £5.

    I was spending a fortune on Eve Lom cleanser, I have combination/spot-prone skin and it was about the only thing that didn't bring me out in spots or dry my skin horribly (giving me even more spots).

    For the last two years I've been using a mixture of Olive Oil and Castor Oil as cleanser and moisturiser, and my skin has never been healthier. (I know it's counter-intuitive, but castor oil actually makes your skin less greasy. If you use too much you'll wind up with dry patches, which was what happened to me until I got the quantities right for my skin!)

    The Castor Oil I get from the chemist for a couple of quid (lasts me a good few months), the Olive oil is from my kitchen cupboard. :)

    Google for OCM or "oil cleansing method" for more info, there's lots been written on the topic.
  • Aldi Q10 moisturiser is good stuff - £1.99 a pot and apparently it beat quite a few of the pricier versions in consumer tests. Smells nice too!
  • cottel7
    cottel7 Posts: 18 Forumite
    I have oily spot prone skin so I hate putting moisturiser on my face, but time is taking it's toll! I now use Aloe Vera Gel from Holland and Barratt. Use a small blob, for the whole face and neck. It comes in huge tubes that last forever, and it dries to give a nice tight face lift feel! It has no oil, but moisturisers really well, and perfectly suitable for senstive skin too as it's 99% pure Aloe Vera.
  • nikki2804
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    Another vote for oil cleansing. I use castor oil (£2 a bottle, last months) and jojoba oil (£10 ish from H&B but lasts forever). The only thing my skin doesn't react too.

    Carmex lipbalm is great too, £2.79 for a tub - again seems to last ages and works well.

    Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion is around the £3.70 mark but is usually on offer.

    Body Shop cocoa butter creamy wash - £9 but due to 'glitches' I managed to stock up on 4 for £6

    Lacura moisturiser is also very good. £1.39 for 500ml and its the only lotion I can use on my 9 month old son.
  • tvi
    tvi Posts: 1 Newbie
    Magic Lips by Ultra Glow has always been sub-£5 (not on offer) and lasts all day so each one lasts for an age. I love the green one and have used it for over 10 years. Their site is ultraglowshop ( which I've used several times and has always been efficient.

  • joesaunt
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    I love Asda smart price hair mousse 57p for a massive can. I used to use John Frieda frizz ease mousse but find this as good and a massive difference in price.

    Also, Asda sensitive skin makeup wipes, less than a £ per pack. Very gentle on skin but removes all make up. As good or if not better than most of the leading branded wipes.

    I only go to Asda for these two products.
    8 months to go till end of the IVA :j:rotfl::T
  • Lobell
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    Aqueous cream - £1 for 500ml from Poundland. Brilliant as a shower cream , especially for eczema sufferers like me. Useless as a moisturiser though, so only use it to wash with.
  • I have dry, eczema-prone skin and was advised by my Doc to use lanolin free Aqueous Cream as a cleanser/moisturiser. I went to Boots to get some and was surprised when they gave me a massive tub (500mls) for less than £4.

    It's all I use now as my general cleanser, and I've been told it can be used as body wash too.

    The only downside is that it has a bit of a strange smell to it, but I got used to that quite quickly and don't notice it anymore.
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