'Why are women too scared to poo?' blog discussion

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    chriswatts wrote: »
    Apparently with some homosexual men who have sex in public toilets there's a custom called brown paper bagging, where one man stands in the brown paper bag so if security come around and look under the door all they see is one pair of feet and a brown paper bag....

    hmmm....'apparently' aye Chris?? ;)

    You seem very knowledgeable on the subject....:rotfl::rotfl:
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    When i first read this blog i thought it was a joke

    Women, not doing a number 2 at work........ get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hehe reminds me of one time in the cubicle when some one came in the cubicle next to mine. I had a wicked moment and pulled out my iphone that had a fart sound app installed on it, i turned the volume on full and pressed every fart noise for the next 2 minutes. Got a few funny looks when i left the loo lol
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    Geez, I never even knew this sort of culture existed till now.

    Without meaning to be blunt, I've never given a darn in the slightest about when I go - I go when I need to. Most of the time it's not that smelly, either (suppose it depends what you've eaten and what your body is doing) - on the odd occasion it is, an early flush while you're still on the loo helps clear it away quickly (don't just leave it till after you've 'finished up').

    And I've never cared in the slightest about noises - just a part of life, really. :) Much as my OH chastises me for being so 'vocal' about it.

    For women I realise that farts and other bodily noises are deemed un-sexy - even a stomach growl. Maybe we finally need to get over all this stigma about it?
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    who wants to leave an `orrible smell behind...uurrgghh......................
    always wait til i get home.........
    i am a laydee you know:D:D:D
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    well, i'm female and quite regular, so if i have to be at work early, i go there. it's quite nice to be paid to poo!
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    It's the sheer embarrassment of it all! I NEVER go anywhere but my own toilet, once I was caught out at a nightclub, with terrible cramps, I had no choice and as it was pretty smelly, everyone who came into that toilet was commenting on the smell! I sat in that toilet for at least half an hour with the door closed waiting for everyone to go away, I have to say it was one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me! (and has made me even more manic about it )
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    laying a cable at work is the best time to do it - paid to poo. i sometimes save them up especially for work! clock in, speak to my manager and then sneak back upstairs to give birth.

    to avoid any embarrasing noises, whilst you're making yourself a paper throne (to avoid sitting on anyone elses germs, throw a little extra paper into the bowl to act as a splash mat. this makes not a single noise.

    stealthy shitting.
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  • since i became pregnant and after the birth when i need to go, i need to go, and have a time frame of about 5 mins to get to a loo. i used to be funny about it but i don't care anymore.

    btw there is a very similar article in this months Vogue called Poo. The last taboo. Its all about how everyone poos but everyones to embarrassed to say they do. Highly recommended toilet reading.
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