'Why are women too scared to poo?' blog discussion

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    I can't poo if there's someone else in the toilets because I think the noise is embarrassing. And I can't use urinals to pee, I have to go in a cubicle, like someone mentioned earlier it's related to toilets at school when people would puch you while you were going so it ended up all over your trousers. I generally hate seeing someone I know in the toilets, I think I just can't handle bein gin there and having to communicate with someone I know at the same time? I didn't know it was mainly a female thing though.

    Funny poo-related story - My brother-in-law up until recently (in his twenties) thought that sewage rates were based on how many poos you did at home so he always went at work (not sure how he thought they measured them??!??!)
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    Oh my God I feel really weird cos it doesn't bother me at all. If you've got to go you've got to go. I do like to spray though or open a window and make it better for others rather than my husband who likes to share it all so the smell permeates throughout the house. Having worked in hospitals and dealt with all that stuff its no big deal. On the subject of farting I can beat most people and dispelled the myth that girls don't to my husband (sweet catholic boy). My mate is also a girl who farts and boasts about it. Even her mum has been known to inform us she was 'firing on all cylinders'.Get over it and break free from the Victorian tyranny. better out than in I say.
  • All the men I know say they try to save it up to poo at work, beause that way you're getting paid to take a dump! :eek::eek: Whereas at home you're doing it on 'your own time' :rotfl: I can kind of see their point, but I would still never go at work unless I absolutely had to!
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    Another Crohn's sufferer who doesn't have the luxury of choosing where or when to go..it's a case of will i reach the cubicle in time :(
    No one likes talking bowels do they, but it's a natural bodily function.
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    I have no problem with most poo related noises but the Tesco tannoy saying "will the pharmacist please return to the pharmacy" because they thought I had taken too long doing my poo and must be shopping was just a bit over the top!
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    This is all so true, for me it was definately the worst thing about the workplace. I mean if there was a colleague in the toilets at the same time as you they would probably chat to you as you had a wee and maybe wait around to talk whilst you washed your hands and walked back to desks together. Having a poo or saying 'Don't wait for me, i might be sometime' just wasn't an option.

    One place i worked just had the one door between the toilet and the rest of the building (like a disabled toilet) and there was a photocopier just outside where guys usually stood chatting.

    I have no problem going at home if OH is around.

    I think Martin has hit on an important issue.
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    Oh please, can you find it:eek::rotfl::T

    Sorry to disappoint, it's probably been deleted.
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    I have a public toilet 'thing' anyway ha-ha. I hate using them as have been in some really bad ones and hate smelling things and worse when they don't get cleaned a lot.... ugh. I really don't like touching anything, even the door handle, flush and definitely not the seat. It sends shivers through me just thinking about it. So no I wouldn't do anything more than a No 1 unless the need was really really desperate :o ha.
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    Didn't used to bother one of my colleagues, she'd quite happily go at work. And she was a vegetarian with digestive issues. And she never checked the pan afterwards ..... yeuch.

    This is why there is such a stigma. Can you imagine a man remembering an ex colleague just because they were quite happy to go at work?
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  • I hate hate hate doing a poo at work. I will put up with belly ache all day but it does make me need to trump more which can be even more embarassing! I wont even sit down for a wee and have to hover over the loo as I dont want to touch the toilet seat eurgh.

    I agree with silverbird too I always walk out of a loo with skidders down the back I dont want anyone thinking it was me either!!

    I wish I didnt care so much - most blokes I know couldnt care less so why do us women go to so much trouble to not do poos in public loos?
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