'Why are women too scared to poo?' blog discussion

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    Great thread! My best friend won't even wee anywhere she's not used to - when we used to go out she'd wait till she was at mine to go!!! My house was ok lol.

    I always put paper in the loo if in a public place if weeing as I hate the noise & definitely prefer my own bathroom for a poo because it's comfortable and I know its clean. But I'd never not go if I was out and needed to......

    And the worse toilets ever were on safari in Africa :(just a hole in the floor and unisex to boot ........ but you just get on with it.
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    Smiley_Mum wrote: »
    Sorry to disappoint, it's probably been deleted.

    Is it this one?

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    mjm3346 wrote: »
    It has to be...that's the funniest thread I've seen in ages...almost wet myself laughing! :rotfl:

    It actually happened at home the other day which made it even funnier!
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  • this is a bog standard blog!
  • That is actualy the funniest thread I've ever seen on MSE, I'm sat here crying with laughter. Poor woman!
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  • That other thread was the one of the funniest things I've read for a long time. :rotfl:
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    crikey me, i'm female and dont care where or when i let off, if i got to fart then i fart ... my OH just farts as and when he wants as well

    normally find 2 books in bathroom and he's often in there for at least 20mins taking a dump, me I find its far too cold so quick on n off for me

    does anyone else find they get the farts when they get tickled ?

    off to read that other thread now !!
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    ...I have never audibly farted in front of my OH, and we've been together for about 2 and a half years (apart from when I was asleep and couldn't help it, but even that is totally cringeworthy!) I either just hold it in until he goes to the bathroom or is out of the room, or do it so he can't hear. I wouldn't feel very classy letting it out then going 'oof, that was a good one!' like men seem to!

    How I envy your fella! :)

    My missus is jealous of me because I can do 'silent ones'. :cool:
    She, on the other hand, will sit at the dining table eating and just lift a cheek and let off a loud rasper! Or two!! :)
    I'm laughing as I write this, but I bloody hate it!! :)
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