MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you take an eBay buyer at face value?



  • I'd check to see if I could find the disc and then forward it on to the buyer at no cost if I did, but if I didn't then no refund.

    I've had experiences like this before - the first thing I ever sold on eBay was an old Sims game and the guy complained it didn't work. I'd tested it before sending it out and it had worked fine in my computer, but in my naive sixteen-year-old way gave the guy the refund. I probably wouldn't do that again without at least asking for it to be sent back for me to check and refunding the buyer if it turned out they were right.

    On the other hand I also once got a 2 disc DVD from a seller on Amazon where the extras disc was cracked right down the middle and the guy gave me a refund, but I kept the DVD because the actual film disc worked fine. So this may be the pot calling the kettle black.
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  • Give the customer the benefit of the doubt, and ask them to return the empty case, advising them that you will issue a full refund including postal costs, upon its return.

    Most people want a nice cover for their disks, so if they are pulling a fast one, this might deter them from pursing the matter further.
  • This has already happened to me and I felt I had no choice but to refund, it's the same problem when buyers claim not to have received items. Ebay don't do anything now to help sellers so I sell on Amazon now instead.
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    I always check everything thorougly before I send out, so I would know he was pulling a fast one. So, even within the eBay deadline I would not refund.

    I would politely advise him of this and if necessary, I would make an appropriate follow up comment, should he leave me bad feedback because of it.

    If he became unpleasant, I would also follow up on the feedback I had already given him. (I leave positive feedback the minute I receive payment because that is all I expect from a good buyer. I don't like sellers who insist buyers leave feedback first.)
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    hefferwump wrote: »
    Furthermore I recently opened a paypal account for my 2nd ebay account now if you read what ebay tell you you will see that it states that NO MONEY will be taken from your account unless you make a purchase well within a few days paypal twice took money from mine OK it was a few pennies but thats not the point no money should mean no money & yes I did point this out to ebay & what was there response to date no reply & to be quite honest Ive just about given up any hope of ever getting one.

    Firstly, a 2nd eBay account? Is that even allowed?
    Secondly, it's been a while since I signed up for paypal, but the 2 withdrawals of a few pennies is part of the verification process which you would have agreed to. I suggest you read things more carefully next time.

    As for writing to eBay about PayPal deducting a few pennies from your account - I'm not surprised you've not recieved a reply!
    Do you think Tesco would be able to help with a problem you had with Asda? (yes, I know eBay own PayPal)

    For the record, no refund. Too many scammers out there thesedays, especially on eBay.
  • ilesmark
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    Flickering Ember - do you have printouts of the email and internet forum boast? If you do, let the debt collection people sue you and produce the printouts at the court hearing.
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    No refund from me, I'm afraid. Not after all that time. I WOULD offer to assist the buyer in complaining to Royal Mail but I would KNOW that, as a seller, I had properly fulfilled my part of the deal in sending the game cd and full packaging to the buyer in the first place.

    Also - the buyer was gone for SIX weeks! Several friends/family members/neighbours of mine occasionally go out of the country for that length of time, and sometimes less than that, and they have given me a key to their house(s) and asked me to check every other day or so that everything was OK, water their plants, etc. and also to open any important-looking mail and contact them if anything requiring urgent action arrived. If the buyer was going away for such a long time, why didn't they arrange for one of their trustworthy friends (or a house-sitting service) to do the same?

    I might also have a peep at the buyer's feedback, just in case he's posted anything on eBay during the time he was supposedly "away".

    In short, I'd be as helpful as I could, but the problem is one for him to investigate (with my help if necessary) or forget about. I'd also make sure that I copied eBay in on any correspondence. I think the buyer is probably pulling a sneaky fast one!
  • it is from situations like this that i have a strict no returns policy, all items are sold as seen! if my buyers want a greater level of service they pay extra for next day delivery/courier, and i've never had a problem :D
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    I was robbed by an buyer on ebay. I was selling an ornament for my mother, the buyer claimed that it had arrived damaged, but when I asked him to return it, he said how disappointed he was as he was replacing the one his wife had dropped!
    He posted it to me and straight away the one he posted back was 100% not ,the one I had sold him, the one I sent was in pristine condition, even the green felt underneath was spotless, the one he sent back the green felt was stained, plus the damage which was mean't to have happened in transit the ornament was damaged, but when you looked at the damage to the box the box only had a small hole in it, going by the damage to the ornament, the box should have been totally destroyed.
    I contacted ebay and they just passed the buck by telling me to get in touch with paypal by using their resolution centre, ebay were a total waste of space. I contacted paypal and I had to open a dispute by putting my point across by explaining how the buyer did not return the item that I had sent and how i refuse to refund the buyer on these grounds, the buyer to had to have their say too.
    Paypal then have about 5 days to solve the dispute, guess what they sided with the buyer and told them that I must have sold the buyer a damaged ornament and they just deducted the buyers fees from my account. I was livid I emailed them with a complaint and I actually called them a cowboy outfit and I will retract my comment if they give me my money back or I will be taking it up with Financial Ombudsman and will close my account.
    They did however refund me my money but I asked if they still think I sold a dodgy item they would not comment, so I just told to close my account as I do not have faith in them. I also contacted ebay and asked them to comment on my treatment and how they can charge fees and do nothing to ebay members who are dishonest and they just said that ebay have nothing to do with transactions, so I told them to close my account as I I do not feel safe trading on an unsafe site, they begged me not to leave but I was not being treated like a criminal.
    Although I only sold an ornament of no great value, but the principle is what if I had sold jewellery worth £1000s. I would never trust ebay or paypal ever again.
  • No way would I refund after 45 days. If he was anticipating being away for so long he should have had the item delivered to a relative or friend who would check the item.

    I had one woman sell me a free gift from a magazine before and I was furious when it arrived (small clutch handbag). Apparently I should have asked her if it was a free gift! How are you meant to know from one photo when it doesn't look cheap and tacky?!

    If the new ebay rules had been in place then I'd have been in a better position to tell her where to get off! At this point though, I had no feedback and didn't want to take it further for that reason :(
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