MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you take an eBay buyer at face value?



  • I was annoyed to receive an email informing me that anything I sell in future I will have to wait 3 weeks for the money to be released by paypal. Yeah right. Nice little interest earner for them. Ive never had negative feedback although I don't sell much, and I've been with them for years. B****y cheek if you ask me But its the principal of it. As you say it's all in the buyers favour especially the sneaky types.

    I think you'll find this is due to the 21 day rule, where they hold the money from the buyer until you have posted goods and when the buyer leaves good feedback or 21 days have passed then your money is released... This mainly happens on high price items like mobile phones etc or if you have low feedback
  • Simple Answer No

    The 45 day period is long enough so maybe the other guy should learn from it.
  • billydo
    billydo Posts: 11 Forumite
    Noway would I give money back after 6 weeks, should have checked before going off on his hols! billydo:mad:
  • as others have said before, i'd know for sure that i put the disk in the box.

    However, i know i'm not infallible. i also know that if the disk wasn't in the box, it would be in one of a couple of places (dvd cabinet, or maybe still in the dvd player! i do normally check the disk is still functioning before selling it on), so i'd do a quick check of these places to be certain i hadn't made a massive mess-up.

    assuming i don't find the disk, no refund!
  • jamespir
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    i would say no chance biggest con out there that is if the box is sealed the chances of the game not being in there is minimalistic
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  • A.Jones
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    No refund.
  • If it had happend sooner:

    If it were 2nd hand - I'd have checked before I posted it (I'm a little bit OCD about that ever since I posted a cheque to someone.... and forgot to put the cheque in the envelope!) - I'd be suspicious.

    It it were new and sealed, I'd be suspicious. I'd contact my supplier/place I bought the item and see if they were open to such an excuse!

    After 45 days:

    That's quite some holiday! I'd be very very suspicious. However, why would someone who was scamming wait so long? Can you despute something with paypal after this long? If so, I'd get myself armed with my supplier's argument. If not - who knows?
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  • Sorry but no way thats far too long I always get a proof of posting which everybody should use as this covers it for the same amount as recorded delivery but costs nothing.

    If they want to claim off Royal Mail then fair enough I will help them out there but after that long I would suspect that they just got Bord with it & are trying it on.

    I see some of you are not happy about ebays treatment of sellers well I totally agree Ive recently taken an item off sale because of a disagreement I'm having with ebay.

    Have any of you ever tried complaining to ebay via email they make it as difficult as possible for you to do it there messages don't have a return address so if like me the first reply only partly gives you an answer you have to go through the whole process of starting a complaint again just clicking on anything because what I want to complain about is not even listed.

    The last one I sent about 3 days ago was the prize winner though I raised 3 points on the 1st I just got the brush off & as for the other 2 there was no attempt whatsoever to answer them.

    The thing I really hate is being forced to accept paypal which just happens to be owned by ebay paypal charge for just about everything they can think of so really its just a hidden charge they hold onto your money. Even when you ask for it the one thing you can be sure of is it will take longer than stated before you get it they must be sitting on millions of other peoples money earing a fortune in interest while paying nothing I feel its about time the Government looked in this.

    Furthermore I recently opened a paypal account for my 2nd ebay account now if you read what ebay tell you you will see that it states that NO MONEY will be taken from your account unless you make a purchase well within a few days paypal twice took money from mine OK it was a few pennies but thats not the point no money should mean no money & yes I did point this out to ebay & what was there response to date no reply & to be quite honest Ive just about given up any hope of ever getting one.

    I have just been reading through the above & I have to admit I have come across as a bit of a serial complainer I can assure you this is not the case I'm really quite easy going but in the case of ebay I have just had enough I sell a lot of DVDs etc but from now on until ebay sort there act out I will be doing so somewhere else EVEN IF IT COSTS MORE sure like all of you I try & save where possible but this is one time where I would rather if I have to pay a bit more to a company who is more up front & honest with me as at least that way I then know where I stand & to me thats worth a little extra
  • hamzramz
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    Absolutely not.

    Even with the lowest postage, I'm sure that the game should arrive in less than a week, not after 45 days.

    Therefore if the game was genuinely missing, the buyer should report it immediately. I'll bet he's had 45 days worth of gaming and lost the game himself so he's just trying to extort money for it by blaming the seller. So no I wouldn't.

    But then I would act on feedback, so I may refund at the risk of a neg. However I take the time out to ask if the item has been received, and it has in many cases, if the buyer has implied he has received the item (leaving the feedback or emailing) and then 45 days later he says the game isn't in it, you know he isn't for real and needs to be banned on eBay.
  • roses
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    This has happened to me before. Royal Mail will not give you a refund unless you send them the damaged packaging. My buyer didn't send the packaging back & did a Paypal chargeback.

    If you are outside the Paypal chargeback time then don't refund unless they send you the packaging.
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