MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you take an eBay buyer at face value?



  • freddy27
    freddy27 Posts: 58 Forumite
    I do not trust either E Bay or PayPal. They are a conjoined company that have the morals of skunk. All they ever do, IF you can actually get a reply from them, is PASS the buck.
  • tryfive
    tryfive Posts: 82 Forumite
    hefferwump wrote: »
    If they want to claim off Royal Mail then fair enough I will help them out there

    Why are there SO MANY people on ebay who are COMPLETELY CLUELESS when it comes to postage?

    If you're selling something and send it via the post office, YOU are the one with the contract with Royal Mail, and NOT the person you're sending it to.

    The only person who can claim any compensation from the Royal Mail is the person SENDING the parcel, not the person receiving it.

    Consequently, it's the PERSON SELLING that should be compensating the buyer. Not the other way around. The person buying doesn't have a contract with the Royal Mail, and thus has no claim. The person buying does have a contact with the person selling, which is whom any claim should be lodged against.
  • tryfive
    tryfive Posts: 82 Forumite
    I WOULD offer to assist the buyer in complaining to Royal Mail

    The receipient (i.e. buyer) has NO CLAIM against Royal Mail.

    The sender (i.e. the seller) MAY have a claim against Royal Mail.

    It is the SELLERS RESPONSIBILITY to make any claim against the Royal Mail - NOT the buyers!
  • aaj8714
    aaj8714 Posts: 19 Forumite
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    scotia001 wrote: »
    Give the customer the benefit of the doubt, and ask them to return the empty case, advising them that you will issue a full refund including postal costs, upon its return.

    Most people want a nice cover for their disks, so if they are pulling a fast one, this might deter them from pursing the matter further.

    I disagree with the above as there are enough sites to download covers which look as good as the real thing and boxes are cheap to buy too.

  • tryfive
    tryfive Posts: 82 Forumite
    ellymoo wrote: »
    Ebay is utterly on the side of the buyer


    If you buy something, and the person you're buying it off screws you over, the only effective redress you have is an 80 character "negative feedback" complaint.
  • Not a chance! Who was looking after their home while they were away? I always used to send by recorded delivery. I say used to because I am no longer a member at my own request after a run-in with ebay. Everyone knows they are supposed to check the contents before signing - that is their responsibility. Someone signed for it, and that signature confirms all was in order at the time of delivery. That would be my arguement anyway, even though I know most people sign first and check later.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • tryfive
    tryfive Posts: 82 Forumite
    pb8770 wrote: »
    I also contacted ebay and asked them to comment on my treatment and how they can charge fees and do nothing to ebay members who are dishonest and they just said that ebay have nothing to do with transactions

    Sounds like you need to read more of Martin's wise words!

    Ebay are NOT out to protect their users, or to be fair to them - they a business out to MAKE A PROFIT from them!
  • rootie_2
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    i had a buyer contact me about a £5 vase that cost £10 to post which i had said collection only as it was heavy glass, but they begged. weeks later (said they wrote to the wrong email address!) they contacted me for a refund so i would have been soooo out of pocket with postage cost, their claims were lies, so i ignored it all and guess what they didn't even bother with negative feedback like they threatened.
    that said i have been caught out with so many false bidders and sellers too, i wonder why i still bother!
  • Nope, definitely not.

    Although - I would double check the disc is not around anywhere, or still in a DVD slot in the telly or something.

    But - no, I am careful with things and would have triple checked before sending it off.
  • Absolutely no refund. Apart from all that's been said already about time limits, negative feedback, etc., the buyer should not have been bidding knowing they were not going to be able to receive and check the item when delivered.

    I had one bad experience when I sold legitimate software on a CD with licence code and original packaging to someone who said, because I had written the code ON THE CD it was not authentic! Foolishly I gave in to his bullying threats and gave him a refund but he went on to my 'banned list' of buyers so I've never had to deal with him again. It's such a pity a few bad apples make the rest of us so suspicious.

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