MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you take an eBay buyer at face value?



  • nadnerb wrote: »
    Firstly, a 2nd eBay account? Is that even allowed?
    Secondly, it's been a while since I signed up for paypal, but the 2 withdrawals of a few pennies is part of the verification process which you would have agreed to. I suggest you read things more carefully next time.

    As for writing to eBay about PayPal deducting a few pennies from your account - I'm not surprised you've not recieved a reply!
    Do you think Tesco would be able to help with a problem you had with Asda? (yes, I know eBay own PayPal)

    For the record, no refund. Too many scammers out there thesedays, especially on eBay.

    The Tesco & Asda thing is totally different they are nothing to do with each other however Ebay & Paypal are 2 parts of the same company as for a 2nd account this is because 1 is for personal use & the other was for business use I would have been quite happy to just do it all through 1 however if I did then the Inland Revenue would want a chunck of the income from the personal sales & as I did not claim these things against tax when I bought them & therefore get something from the taxman towards there cost I see no reason why I should when I dont have to give them part of the selling price As we have never had kids so there has never been any family allowence or schooling costs & we have been extermely lucky as neither of us has ever been out of work for more than about a month in our entire lives between us I feel we have paid more than our fair share in & got almost nothing out so im not giveing them a single penny more if I can avoid it.

    As for the cost as I said Ebay say that no money will be taken out therefore no matter what the reason & how little it is it is still FALSE ADVERTISEING which is exactly what I pointed out to ebay & because they know that im right they are avoiding answering however ive passed it onto my local Traiding Standards office who more or less agree with me they said that it is misleading & they will be looking into it
  • Cloudane wrote: »
    The only thing I'm a bit iffy about is "pretty sure". That suggests there is some uncertainty and in that situation I think the seller would have to go to a bit of effort to try and prove one way or the other.

    I'm not a legal expert but if it's genuinely not in the case then from what I understand, the complaint period is irrelevant as they're still covered by the same statutory rights provided by the Sale of Goods Act as if they had bought new from a shop. The burden of proof would fall to yourself for the first 6 months to prove that you had shipped the complete product. After all, if you ordered a TV online and found that the remote was missing, would you accept the company calling you a liar?

    That's why if you're not willing to take the risk, you keep good records and post with insurance (Special Delivery). The seller should give benefit of the doubt and issue the refund - only if the buyer returns the case of course - and learn to be a bit more certain about their actions next time, like ticking off 2 copies of a packing list etc.

    Unfortunatly the sale of goods act does not apply to private sales (I wish it did) thats why there are so many con artists on ebay
  • hefferwump
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    freddy27 wrote: »
    I do not trust either E Bay or PayPal. They are a conjoined company that have the morals of skunk. All they ever do, IF you can actually get a reply from them, is PASS the buck.

    thats was exactly 1 my points in one of my complaints to them the only thing you can do is go to the police or traiding standards However I have very good friend who is a police officer & she has told me whenever they have contacted either of them that both try to be a difficult as possable & often claim to have never recieved any emails from them
  • tryfive wrote: »
    Why are there SO MANY people on ebay who are COMPLETELY CLUELESS when it comes to postage?

    If you're selling something and send it via the post office, YOU are the one with the contract with Royal Mail, and NOT the person you're sending it to.

    The only person who can claim any compensation from the Royal Mail is the person SENDING the parcel, not the person receiving it.

    Consequently, it's the PERSON SELLING that should be compensating the buyer. Not the other way around. The person buying doesn't have a contract with the Royal Mail, and thus has no claim. The person buying does have a contact with the person selling, which is whom any claim should be lodged against.

    OOPS I should have worded that a bit better what I ment was I would claim of Royal Mail & if they pay up & only if thet do then I would refund the money
  • issa wrote: »
    Hi since I started selling on Ebay about 10% of purchased have got lost in the post!!!! I always refund. I have never bought something whick got lost in the post.

    I buy & sell through the post all the time on average about 10 items a day its always seemed somewhat strange to me that the vast majority of items that go missing etc are ebay items I would estimate anywhere between 6 & 20 a year while of the 99% + of items that go through other means of buying & selling there only ever seems to be about 3 or 4 that get lost etc i accept that sometimes things do get lost or stolen in the postal system but is is very rare & the amount that are ebay items is way out of proportion
  • Nope, no refund, although Paypal *will* side with the buyer if they make a claim.
    I sold a DVD player last year which the buyer claimed was faulty, Paypal totally ignored my side of the story and stiffed me for postage charges (I was quite happy for him to send it back, but at his expense). Checked it when I got it back and it was perfectly fine, I then sold it on Amazon and got positive feedback... I also sold a netbook on Amazon which was allegedly faulty, fine when I got it back and I then sold it on *Ebay* and again got positive feedback!
    I've been selling stuff online for 10 years now and I've only had this sort of issue in the last year or two. To go back to the hypothetical example, when I started out I might have considered a refund but now my first thought would be 'scammer!' and I would resist (as much as possible, Paypal permitting) refunding them as much as possible (having checked that I didn't have the disc myself, of course).
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