MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you take an eBay buyer at face value?



  • Definately not. Hypothetical or not, as a seller, I always document everything. So, as in the question, if I knew I put the cd in, I would not only know, I'd have proof. I always take pictures of everything inside out immediately prior to packing and posting.

    However, I would, if the case seemed genuine, help the buyer attempt to resolve the issue, assuming it was theft in anyway I could.
  • No I wouldn't give the person a refund as I always check when I'm sending out items like that.

    Why did they wait 2 months to contact you to tell that there was no disc, why not sooner?

    It would be the first thing I do after getting the item is to make sure it's all present and correct.

    Very iffy I think.:eek:
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  • MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

    You’ve flogged a computer game on eBay for £20. Six weeks later, you receive an email from the buyer saying he just got back from holiday and the case arrived but had no disc in it – he wants a refund (the 45 day deadline for eBay complaints has gone). You’re pretty sure the disc was in there. Would you give a refund?

    If I was only pretty sure then I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt and give a refund, despite the time that had passed, but I would also post a comment in the feedback section to advise others sellers that follow, so if it was a scam it would be short lived.
    The thing is when your selling items on eBay you have to be precise in all aspects, sloppy procedures lead to mistakes or at least a pretty sure/not sure at all situation like this. Be sure! if your the sort of person that does forget things, make a checklist.
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  • If he can afford a 6 week Holiday what on earth was he doing buying second hand goods? Unless I was suffering from senile dementia I would have enclosed the disc.Sorry no refund from me.
  • Speaking as an ex-full-time eBay seller, I used to get all sorts of claims from buyers claiming not to have received items. And some of them knew they had me over a barrel, with the clear threat that they would post negative feedback if they didn't get their own way (latterly made worse by eBay's change of policy so only buyers could post negative feedback). In this case, as it's low value, I'd have probably taken a big deep breath and sent them a replacement.

    Although I remember more than one occasion when a buyer contacted me to say an item had not arrived when they had clearly forgotten I'd sent it by recorded delivery, courier, etc. As soon as I reminded them I had their signature I'd typically get the email version of a cough/splutter and then some half-cocked comment along the lines of "Oh, I've just spoken to my son/daughter/wife/etc. and they received it but forgot to tell me". Yes, and their son/daughter/wife/etc. has exactly the same signature as them.....of course.
  • Rebrabuk
    Rebrabuk Posts: 11 Forumite
    No refund from me.

    As for all the comments saying eBay and PayPal take the buyers side every time - rubbish.

    As a buyer, i've recently been left £125.00 out of pocket for an item that was delivered to the wrong address (and has still never been found).

    I trust that the buyer had posted it, but as it wasnt received within my household and the seller wasn't being very helpful, i raised a PayPal dispute for non receipt.

    He had posted the item via Parcelforce and had tracking reference number that shows the item had been delivered to my STREET, but they didn't log which house NUMBER they had delivered it to. Furthermore it was the signature of a name i've never heard of within my street.

    So PayPal refused to refund as they claimed that the buyer had provided sufficient proof of delivery.

    Parcelforce wouldnt refund me because i was not the sender who ultimately had the contract with them for the parcel delivery.

    So ultimately i am left £125.00 out of pocket and the unhelpful seller has potentially claimed another £125.00 back from the courier company, thus been paid twice.
  • Cloudane
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    If you're making a private sale, the Sale of Goods Act does not apply.

    Having checked this very site I stand corrected!

    Thought I'd read the opposite, must have misread.

    In that case the circumstances are a bit different as the lack of legal protection means either side is more likely to try and rip the other off (the buyer too because they have less reason to trust the seller). In this case then I'd do the fair thing and double check at home, give them the details of the Royal Mail claims procedure then they're on their own as they're probably just trying it on.

    Whilst eBay can be annoyingly buyer-biased I can understand why they do it. The place is full of fake crap already - it'd be chaos without any decent protection for the buyer, and nobody with any sense would shop there. My main gripe with eBay is more towards them forcing the use of Paypal (if they were Microsoft they'd have been dragged through the EU courts for that) and charging extorionate fees on both. But that's another story.
  • Strapped
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    Mo, I would not refund after 6 weeks, if this was the first I had heard from them after posting the item. Bring on the neg if necessary.
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  • Ive had a similar problem when I sold a pair of concert tickets on ebay, after I posted them recorded delivery the buyer said they hadnt recieved them. As the concert was on Friday night and the tickets hadnt showed up I had no choice nut to refund. Still think I wuz scammed though!!!
  • freddy27
    freddy27 Posts: 58 Forumite
    No way would I give a refund. Not only too late, but t here are far too many scammers on E Bay. I have no belief in the whole opperation. It needs a GOOD clean up!!!!!
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