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Simply Electronics - WARNING

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  • brzonebrzone Forumite
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    I purchased a galaxy note from SE on the 4th Sep.
    They first asked me to send them proof of billing address, which I did and they sent confirmation email that the item will be dispatched within 2-4 working days but after several calls and emails, I received it on the 27th of Sep finally! But this was just the beginning.

    I realised that the item was coming from HK not the UK and worried if they sent me a fake one. I knew an engineer from Samsung and he could check the item with numbers at the back of phone, and it was not fake but he found that the phone was actually produced in France which was wired. And there was a manual missing and the electronic plug I received was just some random plastic one that you can find from a pound shop.

    I began to try the phone. It seemed working fine at first but soon found out that it had some issues with LCD. The screen kept blurring for a while almost making green colour.. It repeated quite regularly, I asked once again to Samsung enginner to fix it but it would have already taken long with screen problem and had to go to A/S - but with French Phone he was not even unsure if he could get A/S. So I just decided to return and ask for a refund.

    When I called, they did not give me their address for to send the item but instead they asked me to write an email. I did, but they kept delaying replying and finally said that they would arrange collection which again took 10 days now. I called bank to claim and it is in the process.

    They then sent me a text that DPD will collect the item but the delivery courier never came up despite that my work place has 24 hours open porter and specialised receptionists so it is a serious matter to miss a delivery. I asked several times already to contact me if DPD courier comes up. No one came up for a collection even though several drivers visited.

    It is so annoying that they keep delaying with every process and I am so hating the website for even sending me a faulty item!!

    I will spread this as much as I can not to generate any more of buyer s!! They simply do really bad business!!!

    1. No clear process of handling like where the items coming from
    2. Not even attempting to collect faulty item!!!!
    3. Not giving the money back

    Just sending me wrong texts from the number does not even answer!!!

    I sent every proof and every detail to bank already as I realised at very late time that I should not give any credit to the company at all.
    Hopefully bank should sort it out.


  • I had recently ordered a Camcorder from this company but cancelled it immediately after seeing their bad reviews.I still have not got back my refund even after waiting for 3 weeks.These companies should not be allowed to continue to trade.

    I have just reported this company to the trading standard (Phone number 08454 04 05 06) and Action Fraud (Phone number 03001232040)

    I suggest if we all report them,action will be taken
  • This company has a deliberate policy of charging your card immediately, failing to supply goods, prevaricating with a drawn out refund procedure until the period that the credit card company will honour their refund policy is exceeded, and then refusing to negotiate over returning your money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They have stolen £400 from me, and others have reported higher losses.
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    TTLTTL Forumite
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    I have bought 2 items from this Simply Electronics. The first camcorder works well and was well priced. I then went on to buy a mobile phone from them. This time, the phone failed. I took it for repair by the manufacturer thrice and was eventually told that they could not repair it as it was a Singapore model not meant for sale in UK. When I went back to Simply Electronics they void their warranty saying I have involved a third party (the manufacturer!). I attempted to take them to the coury court for breach of Sales of Goods Act 1979 but found that they do not have any assets in UK and already have an outstanding county judgement against them.

    The lesson learnt is that while it may be cheap, if the few hundred pounds worth of equipment fails, there is no chance of recovery. It will be cheaper to buy off the 2nd hand market given this arrangement. I will not recommend buying from Simply Electronics.
  • A couple of years ago I ordered from Simply Electronics then I read all of the negative stories and so cancelled the order. I got my money back by calling Paypal and they sorted it.
    Recently I looked at their site again and, swayed by the many positive feedback comments on an independent review site, I took a gamble and ordered a Sigma lens some £150 cheaper than UK price.
    The order was placed on the 15th October and it arrived this morning (22nd) exactly as ordered in a sealed Sigma box.:)
    I can only say that perhaps I was lucky but I will certainly use them again.
  • FroggittFroggitt Forumite
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    They could avoid all these delivery problems by holding stock in the UK via a middleman.
    illegitimi non carborundum
  • I have also had the misfortune to purchase from this site. I ordered a phone and accessories from Simply Electronics on 13/10/12 and still waiting 19 days later. Keep sending emails but just getting lame excuses and no progress. Took nearly £400 from my credit card straight away. The only thing that they do quickly. I have just sent another email cancelling order but not holding breath and will probably have to resort to Credit Card Company
    going for Chargeback. Will not use this company again and have emailed Watchdog about their pathetic service. Another tip if you are inclusive calls dont call 0844 499 0616 for Customer Services use 0115 871 4466 instead :mad::mad::mad:
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    I have now contacted Simply Electronics and requested order be cancelled. I have had confirmation email that order cancelled and refund will soon be processed, but based on other peoples experiences this will not be straightforward. Funnily enough the order status has now been changed to:
    Cancellation Received
    Your cancellation request has been submitted.
    I have also reported Simply Electronics to Consumer Advise for them to pass on to Trading Standards and I suggest anyone else having the same experience to do the same.

    Dont know how long it will take to be refunded and closed
  • FroggittFroggitt Forumite
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    Trading Standards, Kowloon Branch?
    illegitimi non carborundum
  • Are you not the lucky one. They had my money for nearly 4 weeks and no phone delivered. Managed to get my money back after getting fed up of broken delivery promises and cancelling order and consider myself fortunate. Do not touch these with a bargepole. They will take your money and hang on to it for weeks until you threaten to take action against them
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