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Simply Electronics - WARNING

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  • Just a little note to bump this thread up and say that the company are still around, still taking money, still failing to deliver anything and still failing to refund money weeks later.

    I wonder if their business model is just to take cash, hang on to it for as long as possible and earn interest?

    I was wary before I ordered, so made sure I used a credit card. I /almost/ feel sorry for the credit card company, who I guess will have to try to chase up the money.

    It's a shame simply electronics shows up so prominently in Google shopping results. I wonder how many people end up out of pocket?

  • diamond_davediamond_dave Forumite
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    My D/D ordered a Lumix from them several weeks before going on a 3 month trip to S.America. After several weeks, it DID finally arrive just 2 days before departure. I also thought that they were a uk based company, but quickly discovered that they are based in HK.
  • stellarstellar Forumite
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    I recently ordered a Panasonic TZ20 from them. I emailed them after I noticed the money had been taken from my credit card to ask when it would be delivered and received an apologetic email, 'your order has unfortunately not been dispatched yet, due to the high volume of orders' but they would upgrade my order to expedited delivery (ha). After contacting them again and receiving more apologies, that didn't ring true, I was suspicious and Googled them and after reading all the bad reviews I contacted the bank. I had been considering cancelling the order and asking for a refund but the bank's advice was not to cancel, as that would invalidate the Visa guarantee. So I waited another week and now it's in the hands of Visa. I have just looked at their website today and they have a Customer Awards by eKomi link showing 5 gold stars and EXCELLENT with 1203 reviews from real customers!!!!!
    No spam please I'm British!

    Sorry for shouting but DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! If not scammers, they are controversial in some way or another. Placing an order with them is NEVER STRAIGHT-FORWARD and can cause undo stress. The prices look good but the company, which is based in Hong Kong, will play all sorts of games before dispatching the item you think you have purchased with your credit card. For example, you will receive emails asking for further ID - copies of utility bills, passports etc. Are they stealing identities and/or selling on this personal information?

    Dismayed about these hoops, I tried to cancel an order through the credit card company and was told the money had already been taken out by Simply Electronics. This issue is now in dispute and we want our money back. Suddenly, the higher price for the camcorder on Amazon and does not look so bad.

  • My daughter paid by debit card for a mobile phone. It soon became clear that Simply Electronics were neither going to send the item purchased, nor to give a refund. We got the money refunded through our bank.
  • nell_6nell_6 Forumite
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    If you want your money taken immediately and then wait an indefinite period for delivery, SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is the company for you
    If you want all your enquiries ignored, SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is the company for you
    If you want to sit on the phone forever in the vain hope they’ll answer, SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is the company for you
    If you want your cancellation requests ignored, SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is the company for you
    If you want to return a faulty item for a refund, replacement or repair and you want your returns requests ignored, SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is the company for you
    Otherwise, go elsewhere. Anywhere else. You won’t find a worse online retailer than SIMPLY ELECTRONICS
    Of course there is a CHANCE you may have a good experience with SIMPLY ELECTRONICS, just as there is a CHANCE you may win the lottery jackpot.
    Keep playing the lottery but steer clear of SIMPLY ELECTRONICS
  • Cancelled order 3 weeks ago - no refund yet despite repeated emails to company. Fobbed off with 'reference numbers' and told refund could take another 14 days - after 2 weeks of waiting!
    Wish I had done my usual exhaustive research but was seduced by cheap price.
    Somebody should do something sbout this company's dodgy dealings!
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    I ordered on 12th July (2-4 days delivery), cancelled on 19th - since then cannot get money back.
  • We are at our wit's end with Simply Electronics. They took our money for a camera lens (we are a charity that works with people with learning difficulties to make short films) and didn't deliver on time. We had to buy another lens elsewhere and asked Simply Electronics for a refund. They agreed - what followed was several months of (written and verbal) assurances that it was 'being processed'. They did this until it was too late to get it through our bank. Now they have just let us know that the refund system 'no longer works'.

    If anyone knows of any way we can get this money back, let me know. We've covered the cost (£950) from our salaries but as you can probably imagine, working for a charity doesn't mean we are rolling in money. It's incredibly stressful and no one can afford this.
  • This is a SCAM-DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I ordered an ipad 3 in April 2012-they pretend it comes from the UK but in fact it comes from anywhere, Hong Kong included. It was due to arrive within 3-5 days. When I was sent an email asking for proof of identity I immediately realised this was a scam and read the other reviews most of which say the same. However customers who had complained often recieved goods eventually but I would not have known if I had recieved a genuine article or not so cancelled and the delivery firm (who were also being used -something I have now managed to stop as they cleverly use many different companies to get them into the UK) with the (genuine) delivery company, advising me not to accept the parcel. In June I was told this would be returned (to the UK, but from the tracking number and the courtesy of the haulage firm I knew it was going abroad) and that I would be 'refunded' when it arrived back in good condition. (I never accepted delivery so it would obviously be in whatever state it was when it travelled halfway fround the world!)I have chased them and ensured that Trading standards have been copied in on every email (you can do this BCC if you have given your personal details which fortunately I didnt)-I was told 3 weeks ago it had arrived back and the money would be in my bank but it 'might take several weeks'. On constant persistence and time wasted on my part I am now told it will be in my bank but 'might not show' for 1-2 days. I will be amazed if this arrives back at all, but even if it does this started in April-we are now in August!(for a parcel that arrives - and can be returned in 3-5/6-10 days). Trading Standards will of course know how quickly it gets back or whether it does at all as there is still no sign of this. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY-HOPEFULLY THEY ARE BEING ON THE WAY TO CLOSED DOWN BUT CORRUPT PEOPLE LIKE THIS WILL SPRING UP AGAIN UNDER A DIFFRENT NAME. Conclusion; IF YOU WANT AN IPAD-BUY FROM APPLE! The genuine product from them is just great and the scores above IN NO WAY REFLECT APPLES PRODUCTS
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