Money Moral Dilemma: Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?



  • tallgirld
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    Yeahhhhh give them to her. No point spending more money!!
  • dawsar wrote: »
    Who wouldn't want a few pair of brand new Levi jeans?


    me for one, given that they are not only at least a year out of date, style-wise, they were bought in sale, so obviously not that nice to begin with, else they wouldn't have needed to go in the sale!!!!

    i agree we should not give in to the mass consumerism of xmas, but given that the antithesis of that would be to give really thoughtful, personally chosen presents, i don't think tom should give the ex's pressies - that is not thougtful, it's just tight.

    interestingly my husband said he should do it - i think men prob worry less about this sort of thing!!!
  • ps - what does tom's wife katy think about him giving presents to his girlfriend??? what's he giving katy for xmas???
  • No. Why should his new woman get his ex's cast offs? She should mean more to him than that. He should give them away to a good cause. Money doesn't come into it.
  • JJ7
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    I'm sure it would be fine until he spies the mug he's given her and asks 'shall I put the kettle on Nicole.....................
  • of course he should:p
  • KeithP
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    I wonder whether Tom had Nichole's size in mind when seeking out a new/replacement girlfriend.

    Now that is money saving. :rotfl:
  • jenniewb
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    no no no and NO!! This is NEVER ok! Even if they are all designer made- if needs must, sell them and use the money to buy new stuff, but don't give your new girlfr cast offs from your ex! Thats just asking for trouble!
  • "Oh these? I bought these for Nicole but we went our own ways before I could give them to her. Do you know anyone who could use them? If not I'll put them on eBay." (Mug not included in above items, give that to friend/brother to pass on)
    Then buy Penny a completely different Christmas gift.
    It may not be the best moneysaving, but it's the best relationship saving IMO.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • Of course he should give them to her. At least he has even noticed which size she is which is more than my OH does at this time of year!
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