Money Moral Dilemma: Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?

Like a good MoneySaver Tom did his Christmas shopping in the January sales last year and bought his then lady Nicole, a ‘best girlfriend in the world’ mug plus a few pairs of Levis. They’ve since broken up and now he’s in a new relationship, with Penelope, who wears exactly the same size clothes. Should Tom give Penelope his ex’s presents for Christmas?
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  • If they're something that Penelope would wear and that would suit her, why not. Just as long as he isn't kidding himself and just palming them off regardless. Because if that's the case, he should eBay them and buy her something else.
  • tsstss7
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    No. Definately not - a present is as much about the thought as the money. He should ebay the gifts and buy new.
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  • scotsbob
    scotsbob Posts: 4,632 Forumite
    One present is surely enough.

    He should give her the mug and punt the rest off on Ebay.

    He gets some cash, Penelope gets a present, Ebayers get some bargains, everyone's a winner.

  • Pete*G_4
    Pete*G_4 Posts: 552 Forumite
    in the spirit of true money saving, of course he should. although i second the idea of selling some of them on ebay and just giving her half/some of them.
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  • jamespir
    jamespir Posts: 21,456 Forumite
    i'd do it of course
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  • seems to me that it makes good sense to recycle - if they're in perfect condition!

    if the new gf is same size and likes same styles etc, seems utterly wasteful to give them away via ebay.

    of course, if the previous relationship broke down soon after (early) purchase tom could have tried to return to shop but may have been foiled by 'no returns' policy on sale goods - MSE is this really fair?

    whether to give all pressies to new gf depends on (a) how long the relationship, (b) how serious the relationship too; this could dictate overall value of pressies given!

    so maybe, after all, it would be best to give some and sell some.......

    totally debt free!

    enjoying life... and looking for new gf!!! but no pressies to recycle! honestly!!! only buy when i know it's right...
  • Paulgonnabedebtfree
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    I reckon that he should be a proper tightarse and in real money saving tradition give her one present a year from the ones he's already bought :D .
    Why mess around with half measures?

    Personally, I would never buy clothing for a GF anyway. I just don't have the eye for that sort of thing. I would much rather get something that matches one of her interests.
  • Well it's not like he'd already given them to his ex..

    I'd use at least some of them for presents, as I tend to keep several small things "in stock" myself, and mugs certainly are really just gimmicky things. Maybe not the lot, as other have said, it depends on how long they've been together as to how much he wants to invest in the relationship. But I would also make sure I bought something new with all the thought thrown in, to go with. Just so new gf knows she's special.
  • petabear
    petabear Posts: 79 Forumite
    Ebay it and buy her something nice! It's the thought that counts not the actual present, if i was given a pressie that was meant for an ex i'd be really upset about it. just don't spend anymore than you get for it on ebay. :j
    Petabear loves MSE! :)
  • yelowee
    yelowee Posts: 83 Forumite
    Hey why not she'll never know ;)
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