Money Moral Dilemma: Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?



  • He should give Penelope "a few pairs of Levis" this year and save the "best girlfriend in the world" mug for next Christmas :rotfl:
  • Course he should recycle otherwise he's not saving money and he's already missed frre listing day on ebay so that will cost him and he might not sell anyway. As long as current GF doesn't know where's the harm
  • dawsar
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    Of course he should give his new girlfriend the mug and Levi jeans, if she is the same size. He is obviously being careful with money as he bought them in the January sale to save for Xmas. Where is the harm in giving them to the new girlfriend. Who wouldn't want a few pair of brand new Levi jeans?

    We are very wasteful in today's society and this is one way of recycling without waste, as long as he can keep his mouth shut and not tell the new girlfriend that the presents were bought for the previous girlfriend!! haha.
  • Yes he should give them to her. Although it would be insensitive to mention that he's had them for nearly a year.

    One of the risks of buying in the January sales....maybe tempting fate..

    Think how much better he'll feel having cared enough to give them to his new GF rather than off load them on ebay....
  • If she didn't know he'd bought them for the other girlfriend I'd be inclined to give them to the new girlfriend. With that sheer dumb luck you'd be mad not to.
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    I don't think he should palm them off on her; what if they get serious and it comes out years hence? I'd hate it if someone gave me things recycled from an old relationship. However, he could fess up, offer them to her, if she wants them fine - though obviously they don't count as Xmas pressies then and he gets her something else - if she doesn't want them, sell them and spend the proceeds on a meal out - all honest and above board, no skeletons waiting to leap out on you later.
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    I want to meet this Tom, he gets a gf that quickly!?!?! I need some lessons!

    Oh last year..... nm......

    (who keeps presents for 11 months??!)
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    Do Scientologists even celebrate Christmas...?

    I don't see a problem with giving Penelope the jeans and mug, if Tom thinks she would like them. Strictly speaking, they aren't exactly Nicole's cast-offs. Perhaps He could add a little extra something to the parcel, just for Penelope, but as long as the gifts are given with love I know I wouldn't mind if a boyfriend had originally bought them with someone else in mind.
  • If they fit and are her style then give them to the new gf. Although probably only the one pair. I'd ebay the other and use that to buy her something more personal.Although under no circumstances mention where he got them from.

    However I would ebay the best girl friend in the world mug. Perhaps thats tempting fate so early in the relationship!
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  • He shouldn't give them all to Penelope. He'll have nothing left for next year's girlfriend... Katie!
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