Money Moral Dilemma: Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?



  • Daughter was in a similar situation with boyfriend's 21st birthday. They split up at his party before she'd given him his many presents and then managed to get either cash back or credit notes for the full amount she'd paid even though some were two to three months old. Think she'd have preferred the cash (or the boyfriend).
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    Daisy_Duck wrote: »
    Oh my goodness no!!!

    I'm all for saving money but if I received a present meant for an ex girlfriend... well, he'd have another ex girlfriend lol!!! :rotfl:
    Well said! I'd sooner have something from the charity shop than something that had originally been intended for a former love. There are limits!
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    No but only because he bought it for an ex. I don't mind receiving recycled presents and I certainly give them but no way, not when it's your partner. I would feel weird every time they used it!

    On the other hand my partner says she'd have no problem receiving it....
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    Depends if he thinks she'll like them or not. I don't see any problems with recycling per se, although I do question whether by dating someone exactly the same size as his ex he's just on the rebound ;)

    Seriously, re: the clothes, if she doesn't like them or they don't fit and she wants to take them back, that's when the problems could arise.
  • He should send the presents to his ex-girlfriend, after having smashed the mug in half, with a note inside the jeans asking her to pass them on to someone slimmer than her....
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    Nay nay, and thrice nay!
    I had a bunch of old Christmas presents that I didn't give to my ex-husband. So I unwrapped them, and flogged the lot on e-bay, with hilarious consequences. And spent the money on me :) Didn't exactly get all my money back, but I certainly enjoyed spending it all on me instead.

    (I deserved to treat myself with it, let me tell you!)

    In 'Tom's' case - he should buy something for his current girlfriend, that suits her. That is, if he has bothered to even get to know her, and what she is in to!
  • Why not I'll agree with the giving her the mug that way she have some thing to throw at him after they have had a barney but as for the jeans see if she likes them if not ebay them.
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    Haha, erm, whilst I hate the wastage that goes on at Christmas, I doubt this is a good idea.

    I don't have any experience in the matter as the ladies don't really react to me in 'that' way in the first place.

    But I'd hazard a guess that she'd be rather miffed if he was quite so obvious about the existence of another one he considered "best girlfriend in the world" just a year before her. Whilst people do break up and move on and have histories, it doesn't sound very romantic to use it as a throwaway phrase in such a blatant manner! The mug being the obvious offender here but I don't know if she'd be too pleased at jeans intended for someone else either.

    Presumably he'd have the sense not to tell her, but is such dishonesty and disrespect really the way forward in a relationship..?
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    No no no, defiinitely not please - find something else for the new girlfriend and e-bay or charity shop the old stuff definitely

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  • I think that he should recycle them if they are of the same size and if its his new girlfriend's taste too... I also think that he should splash out a little extra and buy her something new, especially suited and just for her .... after all its not costing him to recycle !!:D go on you know it will be worth it!!!;)
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