Money Moral Dilemma: Should Tom recycle his ex's Xmas presents?



  • megsykins
    megsykins Posts: 210 Forumite
    Palm the jeans at least off as a pressie for a sister / female friend? They'd be less annoyed than the gf. Or sell them.

    I'd not be a happy bunny ... but then how would you find out?? :confused:
  • Silaqui
    Silaqui Posts: 2,778 Forumite
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    As long as Penelope would actually like them (and would want 'a few' pairs of the same jeans), I don't see what the problem is. Lots of people have a present stash that they take things out of through the year.
    As long as she doesn't know that they were originally bought for his ex. But to be honest, I don't see it being a problem in future years. Who remember what they are given for Christmas even in July? Most people remember the food and the drinking!
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  • Yes, of course he should - but don't EVER tell her what you have done - unless she dumps you at a later date - ho, ho, ho!
  • Give her the prezzies, provided they are something she would want / wear.

    I collect presents all year long, roughly with someone in mind, but dont necessarily give them to the originally intended person.

    Just make sure she has not already hinted that she would like something else, would not be nice to receive jeans when expecting diamonds !!!
  • I say the best person for him to ask is his new wotsit.
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  • As long as he is confident that they are something the current girlfriend would wear then yes he can recycle. As long as she doesn't know. Its not a big deal.Why spend more money, MSE or not. (I am not a romantic- can you tell?)
  • janbanan
    janbanan Posts: 90 Forumite
    it's not more strange than christmas shopping in january, so why not...
  • cjb02
    cjb02 Posts: 608 Forumite
    absolutely. if she likes that sort of thing then why not
  • busiscoming2
    busiscoming2 Posts: 4,459 Forumite
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    New girlfriend may well be the same size, but ladies as we know what fits in one brand is not necessarily the same in another, so if they don't fit right and she wants to change them and asks either for the receipt or for him to go with her............. he could be in a big hole!!!
  • busiscoming2 has thought of a real problem here - he'll be really stuck if she doesn't like the jeans or puts on weight between now and Christmas and wants to change the size. Somehow I think saying that he bought them "down the pub" isn't going to help.

    It's sad that several women are being so princessy over whether this Tom character bought these jeans with Penelope originally in mind. They're just jeans, not a wedding dress! Why should Tom waste some perfectly good presents just because he's escaped the clutches of the evil witch Nicole? He should give the presents to Penelope, unless he knows for sure she hates the particular brand of jeans or the very idea of "World's Best Girlfriend" mugs, and get her an extra present or five as well, just for her.
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