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Free Santa letter and personalised video message discussion



  • Does this come with sub titles for deaf children?
  • Have you seen the Argos kids wishlist - its cute, kids can take a selfie and decorate it before sending their list (not to santa - to you!). You don't get anything back from Santa, but it keeps the kids busy for ages, going through the whole Argos catalogue and the cute pics are saved to the camera roll, so they can continue to admire themselves! My kids love it.
  • I did the Royal Mail reply from Santa last year. It was pretty generic but littlun liked it (she was three at the time).
  • My son is 7 months old, as a little keepsake I have sent on his behalf a letter to the Royal Mail adress two/three weeks ago. Today, we've received it ! It's a card with a message from Santa pretty generic (it doesn't state his name, age etc..) and a little christmas game. I am happy to write you the full message so you could make your own and keep it aside, under the tree with the presents, in the case you don't receive yours.

    In my opinion, the story of Santa is important as you learn your child to believe in something that he/she can't reach, explain etc ... And I also believe that it is up to you to make your own story about Santa. Is it really necessary that Santa brings all the presents, rather than a special one for all the family (board game, pyjamas ...). If they start asking why YOUR story is slightly different just say it's the familly's tradition. Introduce the story of Jesus as well if it's part of your belief. Nothing wrong with that. And when comes the cry and the YOU LIED TO ME ! Introduce the story of Saint NIcolas which did really exist and has been given to the children. Think about those other story that we are suppose to tell the children and what is the reason why we are telling them ...
  • Like some others, I cant resize the photo or get it to upload. What a shame, sounds like fun.
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    no such thing as santa
  • So pleased to see you use the English name Father Christmas rather than the American Santa Claus.
  • You’ve obviously given this a lot of thought, but also consider using the term Father Christmas rather than Santa.
    Father Christmas is a very old English character dating, possibly, from Saxon times.
    In Europe they celebrated St Nicholas, who was adopted in USA as Santa.
    So although the two characters have blended into one, they have very different origins.
    When I was a child we never talked about Santa, only Father Christmas but our culture is getting Americanised very fast.
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