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Free Santa letter and personalised video message discussion



  • The Video is just fantastic I had no problems at all downloading a photo, my son watched it and thought it really was santa and when he asked questions my son was answering him etc, it was amazing to see my sons face, I also did one for my husband where he had been naughty and has to take me out to restaurants more, which my son loves that he was nice and daddy was naughty.

    Only thing I would say is keep a note of the ref they give you as we never got an e mail giving us the ref good job I am so organised !!
  • Just wanted people to consider how smart their kids are before showing them the video.

    My son is 7 and absolutley LOVED his video, he believed it was genuine.

    So much so, that he wanted to watch it again. Clever clogs that his is, he had remembered the web address.

    He then logged onto his pc and created a shortcut, which lead him to the home page of PNP. Unfortunately he then spotted the 'create' link!

    My husband found him crying in bed, later that night, saying 'Mummy lied to me'! :(

    I was absolutley devastated! Luckily, he still believes in Santa and was quite happy with the 'white lie' explanation, but the thought of him crying to himself over my 'betrayal' is heart breaking.

    So, go ahead, the vidoes are brilliant, but exercise some caution.
  • jcr16jcr16 Forumite
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    my children are posting their letters today. and i've done the santa video. gonna let them see it in a couple of days when santas has ahd chance to get their letters.

    i loved this video link. and as said in another thread. it brough a tear to our eyes. It will be excellent for my son as i choose the eating his veg option. as my son hates carrots, sprouts and broc. but the last couple of months he has been eating them every time i serve them up without too much fuss. so for him to get a mention form santa will make his day.
  • newkitchenfundnewkitchenfund Forumite
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    Minerva69 wrote: »
    Please also consider getting the Letter from Santa from the children's charity the NSPCC. The suggested donation is £5 but you can donate what you can afford. I got one last year for my daughter and it was very nice, have sent for one this year too. They also do a "baby's 1st Christmas" letter. You have to order by 16th December,

    This is a lovely idea - I did them last year for my son and two nephews who were thrilled. The 'baby's first christmas' one sounds fun too. You don't have to give as much as £5 if you are skint but it is probably the most worthwhile thing you could do with a fiver this Christmas!
  • karendbkarendb Forumite
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    I created a video for my son 2 days ago now and can access it via the website via but the link hasn't been sent to the email address that I requested.

    I wanted to do one for my daughters as well and send it to their email address. Has anyone actually been sent notices to their email addresses that a video has been created?
    I would love to be lazy but can't find the time:exclamati
  • midianmidian Forumite
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    no i was right first time. i did it early this morning no prob - no need to crop pic either. then after 1pm pic of 'naughty teenager' wouldn't load. i think it cos the us comes awake and online that the servers must be busy. will wait till tomorrow early morning again. :beer:
  • tubstertubster Forumite
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    I loved this. my 1.5mb photo wouldn't load, when I reduced it to 350kb it loaded fast.
  • RundiRundi Forumite
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    sorry to report that for the past three years we've tried the Santa at Royal mail and received nothing back. The cynic in me says that someone at the sorting office knows there's a SAE enclosed and takes the stamps off.
    we've had to make them up oursleves, but this year (probably too late now) went to John Lewis and got a letter back two days later - kids made up
  • I did this last night for DH while he was out at work so he got the email this morning. He was very pleased with it, as was I! Picture uploaded fine for me too.
  • Hi
    I was unable to access the portable northpole website from the link.
    Would anybody know why? Thanks
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