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Free Santa letter and personalised video message discussion



  • the site is down for maintenance at the moment. Ive been trying to get on all afternoon after creating a video, now i want to show my daughter i cant! Never mind i will try later!
    Now im debt free i want to be fat free too!
  • I did this video message for my two children this morning while they were at school and was delighted with the results.

    However, when they sent the emails back I assumed I would be able to access them anytime.

    I have tried all afternoon & the sites been down for maintenance so while I have enjoyed them the children haven't even seen them.

    I'm assuming the site has crashed because of demand.

    I made the mistake of telling my 4 year old son I had an email for him and he has been asking every 15 mins if his email is ready yet.

    I had hoped maybe it would be up and running after six but just checked again and it's still down.

    .....maybe tomorrow
  • I did this after we went to lapland uk - it was like an added extra to the visit and my daughter loved seeing her photo in the book of naughty and nice children.excellent
  • Can anyone get access to this?

    I have tried all day and getting blank screens!
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    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
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    I think this is probably the best place to post up this link as it is the page that is linked to from the "Free Santa Letter" page on the MSE site.
    Anyway, it is just a link to another free letter from Father Christmas that is printed out online, hopefully it will prove useful to others and help save a few £'s this Christmas:
  • Just tried this today and got the following message:

    "The PNP is now offline - Please come back next Christmas for more special moments with Santa.

    YES! Put me on Santa’s list!

    Enter your email address and we will let you know when Santa’s PNP is back online."

    I've entered my email address and hope it comes back online soon.
  • Hello

    If anyone is going to send a free letter maybe you would consider sending an extra one to one of the children here:

    I have just received a letter back today from one of the pals and it really cheered me up. Was lovely to have aproper letter and not just another bill :)
  • please, please consider using the NSPCC 'letter from Santa'
    it has a suggested donation of £5 but you can give what you can afford, and what a better way to spend £5 at christmas? you can put a smile on your childs face whilst making a difference to a less fortunate child. Please consider this option at Christmas xx
  • I did this last year, my boys wrote their letters, we all walked to the post box and posted them in good time. HOWEVER - the reply didn't arrive until after Christmas!

    My children would have been bitterly disappointed, but luckily the Santa's PNP came to the rescue. They were so thrilled at seeing videos sent expecially to them that they forgot all about the letters.

    So forget the Post Office - either use a charity letter system like NSPCC (much more reliable and a really worthwhile cause) and / or use the PNP!!
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