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Free Santa letter and personalised video message discussion



  • Hi All, I had no response from Royal Mail this year or last year unfortunately. However, luckily the toy store call The Entertainer did one, just had to give address etc on a form and post in the post box in store - I know I'm on a mailing list somewhere but I thought the letter was very good. I would've just explained away if the Royal mail had sent one and she had received 2 but she didn't. The pnp santa one is the one that makes Christmas I think.
  • On the basis that those who did get replies are unlikely to be looking at this post does anyone know of anyone who got a reply from Santa via Royal Mail?

    We are seeing a lot of folks post who got nothing back.
  • My son didn't get one either and we posted it at the beginning of December.
    My sister used royal mail too and she didn't receive hers either.
    We told them Santa must of been too busy to reply, but its disappointing for them when they take time to do their letters and Santa cant be bothered to reply.
  • Hi all, just wondering if anyone else had sent off to Santa on this link in this forum and not received their letter? I sent 3 letters, all first class and all before the deadline and yet each of my children are missing their letter - although they don't actually realise this!!!

    Am I just ridiculously unlucky or is this a wide spread issue.....

    Many thanks and ......

    Bah - Humbug:snow_laug:snow_laug:snow_laug
  • Any one have any ideas on how to proceed with this? I know that in the big scheme of things a stamp here and there isn't much - but I clearly can see that without us sending all of these letters to the elusive Santa, their profits wouldn't have been this good!!!

    Grrrrr - Sorry, but I do find this sort of thing incredibly frustrating!
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    We posted our daughter's at the beginning of December and received it the week before Christmas, we also dropped a letter into the box at The Entertainer and received a reply from Santa during the week before Christmas.
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  • I wrote to father Christmas for my baby son but didn't get a reply which is very sad as I wanted to get him a letter every year to build the magic for him as he grew up

    Does anyone have a copy they could scan and send to me so I can mock one up please?

    Thanks, Matt
  • this site is fandabbydozey my two are 7and 8 and again this year they have said if santa is going to send them a video . even at this age ?still young to me they still believe . i am sure the portable north pole has kept them believing ? i am not as niave as you may think give it ago good luck Denfa :T
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    I love the personal message using the PNP. I even paid for more scenes the other year. But the free letter from RM is not worth the effort. The letter sent back to you contain no information from the letter you send them and don't mention the childs name or age, let alone presents.
  • Does the video come with sub titles for Deaf children?
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