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  • ganonmanganonman Forumite
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    I can't get the upload picture feature to work. But, other than that, it's quite funny.
    "A bank* is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain."

    (*Unless it's Santander. The branch says they sent you an umbrella 3 times already and don't understand why you don't have it yet and want it back right now!!!)
  • mum25_2mum25_2 Forumite
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    I can't get the photo to upload either. I tried quite a few times too. Apart from that it's fab.
  • finleypopfinleypop Forumite
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    I uploaded a picture fine when I did this at the weekend. I reccomend it to anyone, my 7 year old son was thrilled. He thought it was live and was answering father Christmas!
    Finleypop x :hello:
  • midianmidian Forumite
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    have done the royal mail card for a few years now. he is always very chuffed to get a card from santa. we make him do the letter and envelope in his bestist handwriting.:A

    This will probably be the last year he believes in santa as he is 9 now and getting a bit suspicious. was talking to my sister about getting a wii and he asked his mum how come she knew the price of one of his toys if they were delivered by santa... ooops!

    i can't get the picture to load either. will try this again in the morning.maybe we a re overloading the servers as we are all trying now.
  • Very very good, did one for the son (6), thought it was real & santa was talking to him!!! One for the wife & one for the mother in law (although there is no option so I am now her son!!!) Really weorth a look!Also instead of a free letter why not donate £5 to the NSPCC for one!! I did 2 & feel that I have given a bit back for xmas!!!
  • li'l_pli'l_p Forumite
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    Reference the picture not uploading.... you need to make sure that the picture is made smaller before uploading as larger resolution pics won't upload.
  • I wonder if Martin has managed to crash this website; just tried and it is down for repair?
  • I did the video earlier for my son and I think it is lovely, not shown it to him yet as it mentions him going to see him, which he's not done yet but I am sure he'll be as thrilled as me. Oh to be young again!!
    Did I help? thanks please.

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  • Brilliant, took only a couple of minutes to do and the best laugh I've had all week. Naughty 44 year old receipt will have a laugh I'm sure too.
  • Please also consider getting the Letter from Santa from the children's charity the NSPCC. The suggested donation is £5 but you can donate what you can afford. I got one last year for my daughter and it was very nice, have sent for one this year too. They also do a "baby's 1st Christmas" letter. You have to order by 16th December, from
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