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HM Lollies

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  • dawkinsdawkins Forumite
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    Pretz wrote: »
    ok its not a lolly but just as yummy my dd loves frozen bannanas i just basically peel the bannana wrap in cling film then freeze it taste like real bannana ice cream but is super healthy and no added nasties perfect for my dd who has a stupid amount of allergies:D

    Ooh I used to do this - and what is even nicer is if you cut the banana in half, roll it in a bit of honey then roll it in sesame seeds/carob or cocoa powder/chopped nuts. Mmm yummy! If you freeze chopped banana, then whiz it up straight from the freezer in a blender, you'll get more of an ice cream texture - good with added choc flavour (cocoa for example), vanilla essence of similar. Makes a nice low-fat alternative to normal ice cream, in case you're calorie counting.
  • FelicityFelicity Forumite
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    I just bought some of those reusable lolly contraptions to make some lollies for my toddler.

    My first thoughts were to make some milk lollies and I have bought some mangoes (for sweetness) and bananas (for creaminess).

    I thought of just whizzing the fruits up with some full fat milk and wondered if I could get some advice from you ladies on this forum to save me wasting my ingredients.

    Would my plan work do you think? I was thinking of just blending it all and putting it in the freezer ... then waiting for the warm weather!
  • MrsBartolozziMrsBartolozzi Forumite
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    Just a thought - might the mango curdle the milk?
    I make milkshakes with just bananas and milk so I know they go well together, adding yogurt is good too.(never thought of freezing it tho - there's a good idea, thanks!)
    I also use strawberries and frozen mixed berries either with or instead of bananas (might not want to refreeze tho - but you can use fresh).

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  • xxvickixxxxvickixx Forumite
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    Please post to say how you get on, I am going to make lollies for my son this summer.
  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    Hi Felicity, I haven;t made lollies from milk, but have frozen yoghurt in the method you say and they are yummy. Perhaps try one as a tester and see how that goes so you don't waste?

    There is a thread about home made lollies. Hope that helps. I'm off to read it now.:D

    edit - looks like someone has had success with them! (step 3)
    greenpixey wrote: »
    Found a really nice, tasty way to make Fruit Traffic-light Ice Lollies. Did these yesterday for my kids and they loved them. It took a bit longer than expected but it was well worth the wait.:D
    Step 1 Blend together 3 kiwi fruits with 150g (5oz) of creme fraiche. Take your ice lolly molds and pour the mixture into the bottom of each mould until it's approximately one third full. Place in freezer until completely frozen.

    Step 2 Blend together 120ml (4oz) of fresh orange juice with a medium mango. Take the ice lollies out of the freezer and pour the mixture into the mold until two-thirds full. Place back in the freezer until fully frozen

    Step 3 Blend together 120ml (4oz) of milk with 4 strawberries and half a banana. Take Ice lollies back out of the freezer and top them up with remaining strawberry mixture. Return to the freezer for a final time.

    (Makes about 6-9 lollies depending on the size of the molds)
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  • Butterfly_BrainButterfly_Brain Forumite
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    I too have used frozen yoghurt and it works like a dream
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  • FelicityFelicity Forumite
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    Thank you for all your replies.

    Just in case the mango curdles the milk I am going to do full fat milk with bananas whizzed up, then add some chopped mango to the mix and freeze.

    Should add some nice texture to them too.

    I will let you know how they turn out!
  • FelicityFelicity Forumite
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    Hi, just to let you know they turned out very well.

    They did have a caramalized colour to them but tasted lovely and my little boy certainly enjoyed one after his tea. We just need to wait for some warmer weather now.
  • angukanguk Forumite
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    Sainsbury's have a couple of nice recipes for home-made lollies:
    Milk Lollies
    Fruit Lollipops
    Dum Spiro Spero
  • twinktwink Forumite
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    i read somewhere to use a tub of fresh custard in lolly moulds, i suppose you could mix in fruit puree too or mix a little cocoa in boiling water and add to make chocolate lollies
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