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Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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    Impose proper controls to stop BT abusing its monopoly. Finding contact information that works is a breeze if you want to enhance a package and a nightmare if you want to reduce it. Indeed having thought I'd finally managed to reduce my package instead some 6 hours later I received email confirmation of my purchase of an additional product that was at no time ever discussed! I wonder how unusual this is?
  • A_4_TuneA_4_Tune Forumite
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    Insist phone package providers advertisments include prices that are the default package. E,g, If the headline is £170 p/a (£5/month and line rental from £110) then that should be the default package you get - unlike BT where finding out how to access a line rental of £110 requires an IQ similar to the 170 price tag!
  • Ban the word "free" in offers and general marketing/advertising, it is misleading and can tempt people into thinking they are getting a better deal than they are.

    If you can't get it without first spending money it's not free. There are other terms that can be substituted, or sometimes just removing the word is good enough.
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    Fair treatment for people who can't switch to paperless billing.

    My aged parents (early 80s) could make a saving of £129 per year if they had a computer. I can't believe that their quarterly paper bills costs British Gas that much to administer.
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    WallyBird wrote: »
    Combine national insurance with income tax. It all ends up in the same pot anyway, and it would save both the government and the individual (especially if self employed) a lot of administrative work.

    Way-hey!!! They might actually do it! :j :j :j
  • Where councils (& others) use pre-pay parking ticket machines, and where change is unavailable from the machine, the time available for parking should be pro-rata'd so that your "change" is paid in additional minutes.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions folks. Thread now closed as the MoneyFesto panel is meeting at the end of this week so look out for your suggestion(s) in the final list soon......
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  • Mini update folks... The shortlist is in!

    There's some fact checking to take place before we launch (and we may wait until after the local elections) but please continue to watch this space :)
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  • Moneyfesto update...

    I just wanted to let you know that we've not forgotten about the Moneyfesto. Over the past few months we've been working a lot behind the scenes on our main campaign at the moment, Financial Education, as well as the PPI reclaiming changes, so the focus has been on making existing campaigns work before we launch new ones.

    The Moneyfesto is a really great list and we're going to get it published as soon as possible, although this may now be later in the year as parliament closes for the summer soon.

    As before, watch this space...

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